Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSun, 25 Aug 2019 09:53:19 -0700Podcast: Winning the battle against cyber criminals prevention and risk mitigation are key for SMBs looking to prevent cyber attacks. Listen to what more SMBs in Southeast Asia can do to protect themselves in this podcast. 2019-04-23 Cybersecurity for the Small and Mighty blog post from the Cisco SMB Inspire Series.2019-04-12 #CiscoChat Podcast: Cisco and INTERPOL Join Forces to Fight Cybercrime this podcast, President for Cisco, South East Asia, talks about the significance of the Cisco and INTERPOL global agreement and how Cisco’s level of security expertise will help law enforcement in INTERPOL’S 192 member countries combat cybercrime. 2017-11-23 Making ASEAN businesses truly digital with a dynamic, intuitive and intent-based network key drivers for a thriving digital economy are already in place in ASEAN. Cisco's Intuitive Network is the best tool for ASEAN businesses to thrive in their digital transformation journey. 2017-06-27 Across ASEAN, Digitisation of Governments and Companies are clearly Top of the Agenda conditions are right for ASEAN to become one of the world’s top five digital economies. A true digital revolution can transform ASEAN by 2025.2017-06-08 There can be no digital economy without Security a defensive role, Security provides businesses with not only a strategic growth advantage but also enables innovation and creates new business value for businesses and economies.2017-05-08