Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:48:32 -0700Cisco SD-WAN Explained cloud is critical to digital transformation. But it has disrupted the traditional WAN architecture that used to link a fixed location to a data center, and now has to link multiple devices, users and things to multiple clouds. Learn how SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN in particular can help address these challenges that have arisen in a multi-cloud world.2018-11-28 Why Companies Regret the #1 Reason Driving their Purchasing Decisions just published "Ready, Steady, Unsure – A Technology Perspective into Asia-Pacific’s Readiness for Digital Transformation", a report aimed at finding the gaps and harmonies between companies’ Digital Transformation strategies and their top investments in new technologies and IT infrastructure. The good news: companies in Asia-Pacific feel adequately prepared for Digital. The bad news: companies have compromised the quality of their IT infrastructure by making price-based decisions. Most regret it. Read on to learn why.2018-10-22 Why Asia-Pacific will score in Digital Transformation Asia doesn’t have the fastest football player, but it sure is the fastest growing region in the world. All countries in this part of the world possess tremendous growth opportunities and are looking at digital to boost their economies and competitive edge. To do so, companies in the region are focused on adopting next generations networking that will fuel their digital plans. 2018-07-03 Up your Game in Customer Experience with Behavioral Analytics just wrapped up Cisco Live Melbourne (CLM) that took place between 6 and 9 of March, and guess what? We know what you were up to that week. For example, we know the World of Solutions (WoS) was the most popular attraction and that you explored Cisco’s booths and innovation for 1h on average. We also know you were engaged in the breakout sessions, because you stayed throughout, and that you’re loyal to your coffee break. You may have not stayed for long, but the “Work-Live-Play” was your favorite spot to relax and catch up on your emails and social media updates. 2018-03-21 Solving Wi-Fi issues in the world’s most connected region’t it frustrating when you can see your preferred wireless network on your phone or laptop and, for some reason, your device just won’t connect? The reason why that happens? That’s exactly what Cisco is helping organizations solve. Because such situations are no fun for them either. Beyond compromising the user’s productivity and experience, there’s a huge price tag to it - $300K for every single hour of downtime, according to 81% of organizations surveyed. 2018-02-12 Cisco recognized by its bold networking transitions year, we entered a new chapter in our long history as a leading networking company, called intent-based networking. We are very excited about the early traction and the market recognition we're receiving in the APJ market. See what they are saying about us! 2017-11-16 Software-Defined Access in real life!’ve seen the latest DNA innovations and heard about Cisco’s Software-Defined Access. But what does it look like in real life? Here's a customer example from India.2017-08-28 The Network. Intuitive. What does it mean to companies in Asia? has just announced the Network of the Future: the Intuitive Network. A network so smart it can see, learn and predict issues and threats, even before they happen. But what does this mean to companies in Asia - even more than in any other part of the world?2017-06-28 Beyond connectivity: how Wi-Fi redefines customer experience consumers we’re less forgiving and uninterrupted calls or connectivity everywhere is what we expect to be the norm nowadays. But what happens when companies start looking at Wi-Fi beyond connectivity? 2017-03-22