Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSun, 25 Aug 2019 09:55:57 -0700Fostering the next-generation of innovators and problem-solvers on an amazing year of innovation coming out of Cisco thingQbator. 2019-07-11 Changing the customer experience game evolution of the customer buying process.2019-06-17 Tearing down the walls: transcending organizational silos using multi-domain architectures in silos is one of the biggest barriers to an organization’s ability to deliver great customer value.2019-04-22 Ready, Steady, Unsure: Asia-Pacific’s Hopes and Fears for the Age of Digital Transformation recently conducted a study to assess Asia-Pacific’s technological readiness for digital transformation. The results help elucidate the top technologies that are defining companies’ digital future, their sense of preparedness to succeed in digital transformation, as well as the gaps between their digital transformation strategies and top IT investments. 2018-10-03 Behind every great digital company there’s a great digital IT infrastructure week I’m at the Word Economic Forum in Hanoi to talk about ASEAN’s digital readiness, and perhaps the most disregarded pillar of digital transformation in a time it has never been more important for companies in the region to navigate technological disruption. That pillar is IT Infrastructure, which needs to be modernized for today’s and future digital needs. 2018-09-12 ML & AI to reshape data centers: how do you make it work in your company? data continues to grow, companies struggle more and more to manage very complex environments and to gain visibility not just over their data, but also threats. No matter the environment - data center, public cloud or edge - it is all just beyond human control. Learn how Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming critical for enterprises to make sense of data and why the best place to start is the data center. 2018-09-10 Startup Engagements Hit a New High with Cisco LaunchPad the graduation of the Cisco LaunchPad 3rd cohort startups, we have completed yet another successful phase of co-innovation. With every cohort, we expand and strengthen the network of Cisco, startups, and the partner ecosystem. 2018-05-14 Out with the old, in with new: why companies need to run on a modern IT Infrastructure often do you change phones? How about its software and apps – how often do you upgrade them? I know. All the time! The pace at which we do this is unbelievable, and that’s because it’s all so simple, fast and intuitive. Press a button and it’s done. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t happen in the enterprise space and complexity has often been blamed for it. The fact of the matter is that upgrading IT infrastructure in enterprise is still hard and slow to do, leaving many companies discouraged to make the necessary changes to keep pace with the demands of a digital world. Can we blame them? No, we can’t. But we can make enterprise technology more intelligent and, as a result, much simpler to manage and consume – just like in the tech consumer market. 2018-04-04 Why CIOs look for cloud-like capabilities? a world dominated by the proliferation of data, storing it and managing it - with simplicity and security - is a top of mind for every company. This is why, when the public cloud emerged, many companies went all-in, attracted by the flexibility and the single-pane of glass type of management that would help them reduce the time and cost investments. But, did it? 2017-11-13 What the streets of India taught me about leadership Vish lyer, the VP of Architectures at Cisco in APJ: the leader, the teacher, the family person and the once tourist guide in streets of Mumbai. 2017-11-03 Business Success amid Cultural Diversity much as we like to package the Asia-Pacific countries in one box, they are all amazingly different – different languages, different currencies and different cultures. These differences is what often stands in the way of companies' success in this part of the world. Here are some aspects you need to look out for when doing business in the region.2017-09-04