Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:44:01 -0700Startup Engagements Hit a New High with Cisco LaunchPad the graduation of the Cisco LaunchPad 3rd cohort startups, we have completed yet another successful phase of co-innovation. With every cohort, we expand and strengthen the network of Cisco, startups, and the partner ecosystem. 2018-05-14 Cisco Talent Outreach Program for Schools 2017, we launched the Cisco Talent Outreach program for schools in Bangalore. As part of this program, we partnered with about 10 schools. The program is 6-months long where the school students collaborate with Cisco mentors to build a technology solution for a specific problem they want to address at their respective schools. They leverage Cisco technologies like WebEx and Spark to enable seamless communication and connectivity. They get guidance from mentors from Cisco to complete their projects. At the end of this 6-month program, teams present their work and receive a certificate from Cisco. 2018-02-13 Being a Tech Startup in the Digital Era"As a tech startup, life is not going to be easy, but there has also never been a better time to be in the technology domain than right now. We are extremely relevant to the future of humanity !!” VC Gopalratnam (Gopal) CIO, International Operations and SVP, IT, talks to startup at Cisco LaunchPad startup demo day.2017-11-06 Opportunities for India in the Digital Economy:CIO Review in California, Cisco hardware, software and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible-providing easy access to information. 2015-06-22 See more consolidation for IT cos in India: Cisco India : ET Now India MD, Amir Azeemi, in an exclusive interview to ET Now, said that the pricing pressure will continue to plague the Indian sector and more consolidation is expected for the IT companies in India.2015-04-29 Cloud Computing: Transforming the Economics of IT :Communications Today computing offers more cost-effective, less risky, and fundamentally faster alternative to on-site application developments, transforming the economics of information technology.2015-03-11