Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:52:00 -0700#CiscoChat Podcast 2018: Take a peek into your future workplace does the office of the future look like? Will we even have physical offices anymore? How important are humans in the future workforce? The bigger question is: how will humans work with technology and machines in the future? Cisco’s Vice President of Human Resources for APJC, Annella Heytens, talks about the future of work in this podcast episode. 2018-01-19 Prominence of digital in the career & technical education sector digital in the learning process. Annella Heytens reflects on the recent TAFE Directors Australia conference.2017-10-06 A bright future for ASEAN look back on the World Economic Forum event in Phnom Penh and the potential for ASEAN to be one of the most powerful digital blocs globally.2017-05-17 Empowering the workforce to secure digital dividends of Industry 4.0 of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN in Cambodia, Annella Heytens, VP of HR for APJC reflects on opportunities for the region to maximize resources and economies of scale in the digital economy.2017-05-05 Creating a Female-friendly Work Environment in Cisco Korea Korea receives recognition as one of Korea's best companies for women.2016-12-19 The Recipe to Be a Top Employer Heytens, Vice President of Human Resources APJC talks about what makes Cisco one of the top companies to work for in Singapore.2016-11-08 7 Ways YOU can be the HR Business Partner of Tomorrow, Today Heytens, VP of HR APJC, talks about her vision for HR in Cisco to be a creator of business value.2016-11-04 Be as open-minded as a 7 year-old are many ways to reach your career goals. We certainly do not know what the future will bring; we can only imagine it, be open-minded and flexible.2016-07-12 Welcome Back To Your Future - Innovation welcomes back hundreds of employees each year. Why did they leave Cisco in the first place, and why did they decide to return? Many mention making a meaningful difference with Cisco technology and innovation.2016-05-17 Act like a start-up or vanish is always the result of what people think up, dream up, (re)imagine and engineer2016-05-17 Welcome Back To Your Future - Flexibility second in our Welcome Back To Your Future video series, detailing the stories of Cisco returnees. Today’s topic: flexibility!2016-04-22 APJ/GC Spotlight Leadership: Annella Heytens Heytens, VP, Human Resources Asia Pacific, Japan & China shares what excites her about her role at Cisco and how the fast pace of technology keeps her in the industry.2016-04-13 Homegrown inspiration: A Cisco story Annella Heytens, VP of Human Resources, leadership inspiration can come from anyone and anywhere - especially family2016-04-13 Welcome Back To Your Future - part 1 welcomes back hundreds of employees each year. Why did they leave Cisco in the first place, and why did they decide to return? Cisco interviews dozens of our people to find out why they chose Cisco – again.2016-03-30 Just Quit: Why leaving the employer you love can be a good career move wish I was kidding, but here goes. There was a time when Cisco would hesitate to hire someone who had worked for us in the past. Especially if they had joined our competitors in the meantime.Today, we take a different approach.2016-03-30 The key to loving where you work: favors, wishes, secrets and jobs Cisco Singapore for being one of the country's top employers!2015-11-17 Why you should include someone with a disability in your team employ people for their skills and talent at Cisco. People with disabilities have skills and talents.2015-10-15 The 4 rules of intercultural feedback – Cisco Style HR APJC Annella Heytens blogs about how Cisco handles feedback across cultures.2015-06-19