Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:51:53 -0700An Asia Pacific Lens on the Latest CISO Benchmark Study Dane highlights three key trends that stood out among the Asia Pacific respondents from our latest CISO Benchmark Study. 2019-03-26 How much more should companies invest in cybersecurity? had no shortage of data breaches, but can organisations do better in 2019? Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security with Money FM on the year ahead for cybersecurity. 2019-01-08 Talking Cybersecurity For Small & Mighty Business to this #CiscoChat podcast to get technology and cybersecurity insights for small and medium business.2018-10-31 Digital Transformation: Are You Ready Or Unsecure? to new research by Cisco, cybersecurity is recognized by organizations in Asia Pacific as critical to a digital future. Read blog by Stephen Dane, MD for Security, Asia Pacific, Japan and China2018-10-10 Regional Breach Readiness: Cisco 2018 Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study Dane, Managing Director for Security, Asia Pacific, Japan & China shares insights on why organizations in the region need to re-think their cybersecurity strategy 2018-08-27 Are you doing enough to secure your data? privacy is in the spotlight and GDPR is making headlines. Read new blog by Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ.2018-04-19 The Cybersecurity Experience Live Down Under blog by Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ, highlighting customers recognized for innovating and transforming with security...2018-03-29 Going Digital: Make Security The Foundation companies are also born digital and “traditional” companies are investing in digital. Here’s why cybersecurity is crucial to transformation.2018-02-26 Why security is imperative to digitization and Asia’s economic potential digital economy in ASEAN has the potential to add $1 trillion to GDP over the next 10 years. Read why cybersecurity is imperative to economic growth in Southeast Asia.2018-02-06 2018: Cybersecurity Insights & Predictions Podcast were the cybersecurity game changers in 2017? Which high profile ransomware attack didn’t have a way to accept the ransom? Who can consumers trust with their data? Tune into this podcast and find out.2018-01-25 Why the INTERPOL and Cisco collaboration changes the security equation Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ, on why the new Cisco and INTERPOL colloboration will help police worldwide fight cybercrime2017-11-23 Major Online Shopping Sales: Why Security Has Never Been More Important Singles’ Day hitting $8.6B in first hour, Black Friday sales around the corner and December holiday shopping coming up – Cisco's Stephen Dane shares why security needs to be top of mind for retail2017-11-14 Effective Security Starts With People’s never been more important to have the right people, process and technology. Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ shares why people matter.2017-10-26 Is Security A Cat & Mouse Game? Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ talks to CSO about the evolving threat landscape...2017-10-11 How To Use Your Security Budget Effectively Asks Stephen Dane, Managing Director, Cisco Security, Asia Pacific & Japan 2017-10-09 Cybersecurity at FSI: Don’t be a victim of 3rd party risks Dane from Cisco Security shares actionable recommendations for financial institutions in latest blog...2017-09-05 Business email spam more lucrative to hackers than ransomware Dane from Cisco Security shares why we shouldn't underestimate the impacts of business email compromise (BEC)... 2017-08-29 The rise of the IoT botnet the latest blog by Stephen Dane from Cisco Security with advice to help businesses prepare against IoT security risks...2017-08-22 Who’s watching you? Spyware latest blog by Stephen Dane from Cisco Security on why businesses should take Spyware seriously...2017-08-15 Are you being held to ransom? new blog by Stephen Dane from Cisco Security on the two new types of attack emerging – ransom denial of service (RDoS) and destruction of service (DeOS)...2017-08-10 Tips On How To Stay Secure Asks Stephen Dane, Managing Director, Security, Asia Pacific & Japan2017-05-22 Top 10 Insights: Annual Cybersecurity Report Dane, Managing Director, APJ Security shares his top insights from the Annual Cybersecurity Report, which is now in its tenth year of providing technology and business leaders with global data and insights2017-02-07 Defend Yourself Against Ransomware expect the next wave of ransomware to be even more pervasive and resilient. There’s never been a better time to keep ransomware at bay by fighting it in all the places where it will try to get in.2016-10-03 Key to Cybersecurity: Closing the Security Talent Gap security companies state that the global shortage of security talent has always been a pain point, however, few have the ability to provide a solution. See what has Cisco done to help close the security talent gap.2016-07-29 Must-Know Insights From Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report, cybersecurity concerns everyone in the public and private sectors. It is neither an isolated IT matter nor a matter of ‘if’ it will happen, but a question of ‘when’ and ‘how’. To better prepare and protect your business assets from hacking in an evolving security situation, read the key insights from Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report that you should be aware of.2016-06-23 APJ/GC Leadership Spotlight: Stephen Dane Dane, Managing Director of Global Security Sales Organization, Asia Pacific & Japan, talks about his life changing moment, his leadership style and how to explain cybersecurity to an 8-year-old.2016-06-15 Are You a “Secure Digitizer”? evolve your company’s cybersecurity practices to support innovation and growth, following in the footsteps of the “Secure Digitizers” can lead you to win in today’s intensively competitive environment. 2016-06-10 Cybersecurity: Cost Center or Growth Opportunity? the new era of digitization, predictions say digital disruption will replace nearly 4 out of the top 10 industry leaders within five years. It’s time for organizations to rethink the role of cybersecurity – from a cost of doing business to a business growth enabler.2016-05-23 Annual Security Report Blog Series #4: “A Look Forward” I am posting my last “Friday Read” to complete the 2016 Annual Security Report Blog Series. I will be sharing the select findings from two recent Cisco studies – one examines executives’ concern about cybersecurity, and the other focuses on IT decision makers’ perceptions about security risk and trustworthiness. I will also talk about the value of moving to an integrated threat defense architecture as a way to combat threats, which is discussed in “A Look Forward”, the final section from the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report. 2016-03-11 Annual Security Report Blog Series #3: “Cisco Security Capabilities Benchmark Study”, security threats are becoming even more sophisticated and advanced. In the face of these growing threats, the perceptions of security professionals about their security readiness is shifting, and that confidence appears to be dwindling.2016-03-04