Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:49:07 -0700Changing the customer experience game evolution of the customer buying process.2019-06-17 Podcast: Winning the battle against cyber criminals prevention and risk mitigation are key for SMBs looking to prevent cyber attacks. Listen to what more SMBs in Southeast Asia can do to protect themselves in this podcast. 2019-04-23 What's the one big tech development that shaped 2018? Phibbs, VP of Marketing & Communications for APJC talks about collaboration technology and the Future of Work on MoneyFM 89.32018-12-19 Cisco Start Challenge Empowering Small & Medium Business to Digitise shaped up to be a great month for Cisco Small and Medium Business, as we announced our dedicated strategy for Australian SMBs and further commitment to supporting them on their digitisation journey.2018-08-13 Team engagement is tough: fortunately Cisco Webex has your back’d like to make the case that to dominate in this new world, we need to focus less on digits, and more on people, communication and collaboration. 2018-04-24 Fun is the new currency in the workplace younger generations joining the workforce, more than ever FUN is now becoming a big part of a strong corporate culture, leading to higher satisfaction, innovation & productivity. Learn more in this 1-minute video!2018-04-18 Want more innovative teams? Be more inclusive perspectives solve a problem faster, spurring innovation, and we have science on our side to back it up!2018-04-13 What can the pecking order teach us about work productivity? Cisco continues to transform collaboration technology for the workplace, we like to find inspiration in social experiments that prove that a more collaborative environment is key to a happier workplace and more productive teams. So, check what we’ve learned from none other than chickens! 2018-04-09 No end to the task of creating the “best workplace” Japan has recently been ranked as #1 in the large enterprise category (1,000 employees or more) of the Great Place to Work Institute Japan’s Best Workplaces Japan 2018 survey.2018-02-28 Customer Service: Chatbot or Human Touch? how companies and consumers think differently about quality of customer service and the use of chatbots to improve it.2018-02-09 Leave the office routine to AI! podcast on the (future) role of AI in the workplace2018-02-08 #CiscoChat Podcast 2018: Take a peek into your future workplace does the office of the future look like? Will we even have physical offices anymore? How important are humans in the future workforce? The bigger question is: how will humans work with technology and machines in the future? Cisco’s Vice President of Human Resources for APJC, Annella Heytens, talks about the future of work in this podcast episode. 2018-01-19 Is the Future of Work AI? much of your day is spent in meetings - and how can AI improve the experience.2017-11-22 AI where it belongs: in your office’t it is time for AI and virtual assistants to become more meaningful? With the first stop being the enterprise?2017-11-14 Digital student experience: Educators and Industry in lockstep players like Cisco have a huge vested interest in education, and together with government and schools, need to jointly define the future of education. So how can we help to educate our educators? 2017-09-21 Cisco Spark Launches in New Zealand an 18-month legal agreement and negotiation process, Cisco Spark is now available in New Zealand, through distributor Telegistics. 2017-09-08 Cisco Completes Acquisition of Viptela SD-WAN solution offers flexibility and simplicity to enterprises and telecom carriers 2017-08-03 Driving Singapore's Smart Nation Future: Successful Local Implementation with Regional Potential’s Smart Nation programme success will lead other cities in the ASEAN region to scale their own smart city implementation 2017-08-01 TIM Accelerating Network Transformation: Signed with Cisco to Renew Its Infrastructure TIM Group is the biggest ICT company in Italy and the enabler of the country’s digital life 2017-07-24 Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust puts fans at the center of the action Cisco Connected Sports and Entertainment solutions, the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust has accelerated its digital transformation 2017-07-07 Want to solve the World’s Biggest Problems?’s Your Chance! Enter our Global Problem Solver Challenge 2017-06-02 Girls Power Tech: Inspiring Young Women Around the Globe employees are what makes us great, and the 200+ who make these events happen are a shining example. Here are the stories of four of these individuals. 2017-05-16 Transforming Collaboration Through Artificial Intelligence with Cisco’s Acquisition of MindMeld Intelligence represents a tremendous opportunity to expand the reach and enhance the capabilities of enterprise technology. 2017-05-11 An ASEAN Approach to Digitization“There is much to be won in ASEAN – and we have global connectivity on our side” says Ruma Balasubramanian, Cisco’s VP of APJ Enterprise & Digital Transformation. 2017-05-09 The Future of Fairness you’ve tuned into some of the latest headlines within our industry – from the push for pay equity to the call for higher levels of diversity – you may have noticed a common theme. Fairness. 2017-04-04 Cisco engineer and Networking Academy teacher passes prestigious set of certification exams Diaz becomes the first woman to pass all seven rigorous Cisco Expert level certification tracks. 2017-03-31 Spark Board Debuts in Asia-Pacific, an end to the misery of meetings as Cisco unveils meetings for the 21st Century workplace. 2017-03-21 The Future of Work steps up its collaboration efforts in Asia with the upgrade of Cisco Spark: our cloud based, all in one messaging, meetings, calls and conferencing platform designed for the workplace of the future.2017-03-21 Access to Safe, Clean Water Is a Right, Not a Privilege for People works to bring sanitized water to the most vulnerable around the world. 2017-03-15 Right now, wherever you are: Empowering the next generation of dynamic teamwork Cisco, we’re focused on helping companies future-proof their business, so they can take advantage of all that innovation through six key imperatives: 2017-03-07