Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:47:45 -0700Predictions for 2019 : The year of the boar (Inoshishi “亥”) on the road to ”2020” West Blog2019-01-17 The WAN is dead. Long live the SD-WAN. early as 2011, analyst firms such as IDC were documenting the challenges with Wide Area Network (WAN) environments. In its top 10 predictions for 2011, IDC mentioned the WAN was reaching a breaking point due to the pressures of cloud and security requirements. More recently, Gartner said that “by 2021, more than 65% of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on SD-WAN versus traditional routers, up from less than 30% as of 2Q18”. 2018-12-14 Cisco SD-WAN Explained cloud is critical to digital transformation. But it has disrupted the traditional WAN architecture that used to link a fixed location to a data center, and now has to link multiple devices, users and things to multiple clouds. Learn how SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN in particular can help address these challenges that have arisen in a multi-cloud world.2018-11-28 The Top 6 Strategies to Build a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy cloud is a foundational aspect of digital business, and the most important technology for companies in Asia-Pacific to succeed in Digital Transformation. According to a recent Cisco report, 70% of companies in this region believe the cloud is the most important technology in their digital transformation strategies. How can then companies successfully adopt ait and avoid the common pitfalls? Here are six critical steps to take into consideration. 2018-11-05 Talking Cybersecurity For Small & Mighty Business to this #CiscoChat podcast to get technology and cybersecurity insights for small and medium business.2018-10-31 Ready, Steady, Unsure: Asia-Pacific’s Hopes and Fears for the Age of Digital Transformation recently conducted a study to assess Asia-Pacific’s technological readiness for digital transformation. The results help elucidate the top technologies that are defining companies’ digital future, their sense of preparedness to succeed in digital transformation, as well as the gaps between their digital transformation strategies and top IT investments. 2018-10-03 Evolution of Cloud in Higher and Vocational Education recently commissioned an independent consulting firm (Vector Consulting) to do a deep dive on how cloud was viewed and used by universities, TAFE colleges and polytechnics in the Australian and New Zealand markets. 2018-09-03 Team engagement is tough: fortunately Cisco Webex has your back’d like to make the case that to dominate in this new world, we need to focus less on digits, and more on people, communication and collaboration. 2018-04-24 Demystifying SD-WAN and Cisco's Strategy enterprises grow interest in SD-WAN, we asked Brink Sanders, MD of the networking business at Cisco in APJ, to explain the trend. In this 6-minute interview, he talks about this technology value proposition, demystifies concepts and how SD-WAN plays into Cisco's ongoing network transformation. 2017-12-04 Is the Future of Work AI? much of your day is spent in meetings - and how can AI improve the experience.2017-11-22 Why CIOs look for cloud-like capabilities? a world dominated by the proliferation of data, storing it and managing it - with simplicity and security - is a top of mind for every company. This is why, when the public cloud emerged, many companies went all-in, attracted by the flexibility and the single-pane of glass type of management that would help them reduce the time and cost investments. But, did it? 2017-11-13 Threats with Escalating Impact: Announcing the Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report’s time again for our Midyear Cybersecurity Report (MCR), which offers updates on the security research and insights revealed in the recent Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017-07-20 Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust puts fans at the center of the action Cisco Connected Sports and Entertainment solutions, the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust has accelerated its digital transformation 2017-07-07 Cisco News! Your cloud solution for technology news across the globe. #CiscoNewsYourWay on all your devices. 2017-06-29 Cisco Visual Networking Index Predicts Global Annual IP Traffic to Exceed Three Zettabytes by 2021 applications will represent more than 50 Percent of global devices and connections by 2021 2017-06-08 Want to solve the World’s Biggest Problems?’s Your Chance! Enter our Global Problem Solver Challenge 2017-06-02 An ASEAN Approach to Digitization“There is much to be won in ASEAN – and we have global connectivity on our side” says Ruma Balasubramanian, Cisco’s VP of APJ Enterprise & Digital Transformation. 2017-05-09 Cashless, Mobile and Social: Are you ready? you ready to go cashless, mobile and social? There’s never been a better time.2017-04-18 Cisco Completes Acquisition of AppDynamics, AppDynamics and Cisco will give customers comprehensive visibility from code to consumer and everything in-between 2017-03-22 Spark Board Debuts in Asia-Pacific, an end to the misery of meetings as Cisco unveils meetings for the 21st Century workplace. 2017-03-21 The Future of Work steps up its collaboration efforts in Asia with the upgrade of Cisco Spark: our cloud based, all in one messaging, meetings, calls and conferencing platform designed for the workplace of the future.2017-03-21 Public vs Private: what's the biggest cloud? is changing the way we access, analyze and store information and its adoptions is growing at unprecedented rate. 2017-03-13 Cisco IT Tetration deployment business benefits IT migrated applications to private cloud with 70 percent less time and cost using Cisco Tetration. Learn more: 2017-03-06 Clear Skies or a Cloudy Outlook? Cloud outages, such as the recent Amazon Web Services incident, highlight the need for businesses to consider and plan carefully where they place their data and applications to mitigate their risk.2017-03-03 Creating your Digital Light Bulb Moment 1832, Samuel Morse was having dinner with friends and debating electromagnetism when he realized that if an electrical signal could travel instantly across a wire, why couldn't information do the same? 2017-02-16 Spark Board: Get started with just 1 touch Board is everything you need for your physical team room, allowing your team to meet, create and share with one device. And it’s incredibly easy to use and deploy. 2017-01-25 Time Wasted on your White board’s been a real struggle to have to keep Cisco Collaboration innovations like Spark 2.0, Spark Board and Spark Flex plan to myself the last few months. 2017-01-25 Top 10 Trends for 2017 for Cisco in Australia & New Zealand, Kevin Bloch, shares his annual predictions of trends in ICT and technology. Read about what's set to take place in 2017.2017-01-25 ‘Innovation as usual’ for banking from my pocket need to be able to seamlessly bank on my mobile phone and be confident my bank offers reliable security. And service outages – don’t even get me started.2017-01-17 Why digitisation is the catalyst in transforming customer expectations with Ruma Balasubramanian for Asian Banker Magazine2017-01-06