Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:48:45 -0700The CIO challenge: Manufacturers demand always on, always performing, always contemporary IT this month, I had the privilege of hosting the region’s largest manufacturing companies for Cisco APJC’s second Digital Manufacturing Summit in Nagoya, Japan.2019-06-18 Up your Game in Customer Experience with Behavioral Analytics just wrapped up Cisco Live Melbourne (CLM) that took place between 6 and 9 of March, and guess what? We know what you were up to that week. For example, we know the World of Solutions (WoS) was the most popular attraction and that you explored Cisco’s booths and innovation for 1h on average. We also know you were engaged in the breakout sessions, because you stayed throughout, and that you’re loyal to your coffee break. You may have not stayed for long, but the “Work-Live-Play” was your favorite spot to relax and catch up on your emails and social media updates. 2018-03-21 Solving Wi-Fi issues in the world’s most connected region’t it frustrating when you can see your preferred wireless network on your phone or laptop and, for some reason, your device just won’t connect? The reason why that happens? That’s exactly what Cisco is helping organizations solve. Because such situations are no fun for them either. Beyond compromising the user’s productivity and experience, there’s a huge price tag to it - $300K for every single hour of downtime, according to 81% of organizations surveyed. 2018-02-12 Ten Axioms of IoT ten axioms of IoT are based on Kevin's experience over the past few years as CTO of Cisco Australia & New Zealand, Cisco's global deployment of IoT solutions and work in our Innovation Centres. 2017-11-15 The best security strategy amid explosive growth of users and devices do a surveillance camera, a USB stick or a vending machine have in common? Years ago, very little. But, today, they are all connected and can all be a point of entry for the bad guys looking to cause harm or expose your most important business asset: your data. As connected devices continue to grow and add complexity to companies' security frameworks, how can you actually simplify security and be effective at the same time?2017-10-17 Threats with Escalating Impact: Announcing the Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report’s time again for our Midyear Cybersecurity Report (MCR), which offers updates on the security research and insights revealed in the recent Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017-07-20 Cisco News! Your cloud solution for technology news across the globe. #CiscoNewsYourWay on all your devices. 2017-06-29 Cisco introduces new training and developer programs to accelerate adoption of intent-based networking to be intuitive, Cisco's new network can recognize intent, mitigate threats through encryption, and learn over time 2017-06-25 Why companies with digital networks perform better with digital networks perform two to three times better than other. Here are three reasons why.2017-06-19 What does the future hold for IT Managers?'s not easy to be an IT Manager these days, but their role and impact on the business is bound to be greater than ever. Check this video to see how the role of the IT manager is changing. 2017-06-09 Network handles more data than it can bear data traffic has boomed in the last 10 years, particularly in Asia, and the network is now handling more data than it can bear. Here's how much it has evolved.2017-06-05 Want to solve the World’s Biggest Problems?’s Your Chance! Enter our Global Problem Solver Challenge 2017-06-02 3 Ways to Monetize your Investment in Cisco Digital Networks can businesses thrive in a digital economy with Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA)? Learn from our customer KPIT, in India, how Cisco DNA helps them be more innovative, efficient and secure. 2017-05-31 Security Integral in Deakin University’s Digital Network University has recently implemented an array of Cisco's Cybersecurity solutions, which enabling their Digital Network to thrive. 2017-05-03 Save money, make money with Cisco digital networks is Cisco building the network of the future and how can enterprises monetize their investment? Anand Oswald, Cisco's SVP of Engineering for Enterprise Network, shares how.2017-04-26 Cashless, Mobile and Social: Are you ready? you ready to go cashless, mobile and social? There’s never been a better time.2017-04-18 How retailers can use digitization to their advantage is the 3rd most disrupted industry in the world, but traditional retailers have much to win from digitization. Learn how!2017-04-17 What extracting value out of data looks like in Australia are some of the most sought out in Asia Pacific for its leading education system. But the demands are changing and a good curriculum is not enough. Young generations are highly mobile and a digital environment can be a critical decision factor. That is why universities everywhere are competing on a student-experience and Aussie universities lead the way. 2017-04-12 5 reasons to treat wireless as business-critical connectivity is in our everyday lives: is your company investing in a good one?2017-03-28 Cisco Completes Acquisition of AppDynamics, AppDynamics and Cisco will give customers comprehensive visibility from code to consumer and everything in-between 2017-03-22 Beyond connectivity: how Wi-Fi redefines customer experience consumers we’re less forgiving and uninterrupted calls or connectivity everywhere is what we expect to be the norm nowadays. But what happens when companies start looking at Wi-Fi beyond connectivity? 2017-03-22 Sports teams tackle VR startups are selling virtual reality platforms for training players and revving up fans' experience. 2017-03-07 Creating your Digital Light Bulb Moment 1832, Samuel Morse was having dinner with friends and debating electromagnetism when he realized that if an electrical signal could travel instantly across a wire, why couldn't information do the same? 2017-02-16 Spark Board: Get started with just 1 touch Board is everything you need for your physical team room, allowing your team to meet, create and share with one device. And it’s incredibly easy to use and deploy. 2017-01-25 Time Wasted on your White board’s been a real struggle to have to keep Cisco Collaboration innovations like Spark 2.0, Spark Board and Spark Flex plan to myself the last few months. 2017-01-25 Top 10 Trends for 2017 for Cisco in Australia & New Zealand, Kevin Bloch, shares his annual predictions of trends in ICT and technology. Read about what's set to take place in 2017.2017-01-25 ‘Innovation as usual’ for banking from my pocket need to be able to seamlessly bank on my mobile phone and be confident my bank offers reliable security. And service outages – don’t even get me started.2017-01-17 Planes, Trains and Automobiles Gil De Bernabe explores the innovation, implications and impact of self-driving technology for Asia. 2016-12-16 Cisco and Siam Discovery deliver a new retail experience with analytics and personalized services how Asia Pacific's first retailer to deploy Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) with Hyperlocation is transforming their customer experiences. 2016-12-16 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. #CiscoNewYourWay2016-12-16