Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:49:34 -0700Why Asia-Pacific will score in Digital Transformation Asia doesn’t have the fastest football player, but it sure is the fastest growing region in the world. All countries in this part of the world possess tremendous growth opportunities and are looking at digital to boost their economies and competitive edge. To do so, companies in the region are focused on adopting next generations networking that will fuel their digital plans. 2018-07-03 Tractors, Cars, and the meaning of Intent-Based Networking Networking (IBN) is a hot topic right now and as with many hot topics there is often confusion. Even though Cisco announced it a year ago at Cisco Live US, at this year’s event the most frequently asked question was still: “What is intent based networking?”. Part of the confusion comes from the definition of intent itself. Dictionaries say intent is the notion of “purpose or design”. Marketers will say that intent in the network means “the network knows what to do and it runs itself”. Network engineers, however, have a slightly different understanding and will tell you that the network has always been automated and self-driven. So, what's different and what's changed?2018-06-25 That time I fat-fingered an IP address and brought the Network down a network engineer responsible for a 40,000 user network, I once " fat-fingered an IP address connecting to the regional network gateway, cutting off the entire campus for 15 long minutes. Like me, I’m sure most of network engineers have a story of a time when a simple change had wider ramifications, so the guiding motto has always been “better safe than sorry". The problem with this approach is that demands on the network are increasing.2018-05-03 Out with the old, in with new: why companies need to run on a modern IT Infrastructure often do you change phones? How about its software and apps – how often do you upgrade them? I know. All the time! The pace at which we do this is unbelievable, and that’s because it’s all so simple, fast and intuitive. Press a button and it’s done. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t happen in the enterprise space and complexity has often been blamed for it. The fact of the matter is that upgrading IT infrastructure in enterprise is still hard and slow to do, leaving many companies discouraged to make the necessary changes to keep pace with the demands of a digital world. Can we blame them? No, we can’t. But we can make enterprise technology more intelligent and, as a result, much simpler to manage and consume – just like in the tech consumer market. 2018-04-04 Solving Wi-Fi issues in the world’s most connected region’t it frustrating when you can see your preferred wireless network on your phone or laptop and, for some reason, your device just won’t connect? The reason why that happens? That’s exactly what Cisco is helping organizations solve. Because such situations are no fun for them either. Beyond compromising the user’s productivity and experience, there’s a huge price tag to it - $300K for every single hour of downtime, according to 81% of organizations surveyed. 2018-02-12 #CiscoChat Podcast: 2018 - Time to Get Past the Old Way of Networking to the first podcast in the series "Predictions 2018: Data, Disruption & Downtime", with Brink Sanders, MD of Software & Network Transformation at Cisco APJ. He is on the hot seat to explain why we can't live without networks (more than electricity!) and why the old way of networking is a roadblock to businesses and customer experience. Will 2018 mark a turning point for companies towards next generation networks? Don't miss these unfiltered 17 minutes of conversation to find out!2018-01-10 How three companies from different industries use SD-WAN to streamline operations and reduce costs never happened this fast. In one given day, a company has 200 stores up and running, a week or a month later there could be 100 more (or less). The scenario is real for many companies out there. Think of any retail or food chain like Starbucks that opens more than one store a day in China. SD-WAN can help companies meet these and other requirements, and in this blog we'll show how some of Cisco customers do it, while simplifying operations and cutting down costs. 2017-12-11 Demystifying SD-WAN and Cisco's Strategy enterprises grow interest in SD-WAN, we asked Brink Sanders, MD of the networking business at Cisco in APJ, to explain the trend. In this 6-minute interview, he talks about this technology value proposition, demystifies concepts and how SD-WAN plays into Cisco's ongoing network transformation. 2017-12-04 The Rise of SD-WAN is a technology that has been maturing for the past years and is now growing at an exponential rate, particularly amongst enterprises with a large number of branches. Learn why.2017-11-22 Cisco recognized by its bold networking transitions year, we entered a new chapter in our long history as a leading networking company, called intent-based networking. We are very excited about the early traction and the market recognition we're receiving in the APJ market. See what they are saying about us! 2017-11-16 Three Ways You Can Use the Network to Protect Your Business to build yourself a fortress? Learn how you can use the network to protect your data and grow your business with security. 2017-10-24 The best security strategy amid explosive growth of users and devices do a surveillance camera, a USB stick or a vending machine have in common? Years ago, very little. But, today, they are all connected and can all be a point of entry for the bad guys looking to cause harm or expose your most important business asset: your data. As connected devices continue to grow and add complexity to companies' security frameworks, how can you actually simplify security and be effective at the same time?2017-10-17 Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Should Consider SD-WAN Defined Wide Area Network, or SD-WAN, is a topic that continues to escalate in our conversations with customers. It’s matured greatly in the last 5 years and it's a booming solution that promises to reshape the way businesses manage and operate their Wide Area Network (WAN). Given the transitions and consolidations that’s taking place in the industry, now is a great time to visit the top reasons companies would choose an SD-WAN solution.2017-09-26 Software-Defined Access in real life!’ve seen the latest DNA innovations and heard about Cisco’s Software-Defined Access. But what does it look like in real life? Here's a customer example from India.2017-08-28 5 Reasons why businesses need Software-Defined Access can Software Defined Access help to address the growing number of devices, users and threats? In this blog, we breakdown all you need to know about this new Cisco capability. 2017-08-10 Software spending surge coupled with hardware investment, positions partners perfectly for growth Batka, outlines the unique opportunity that The Network.Intuitive provides for partners. She also explains how partners and IT leaders can use The Network.Intuitive to elevate their value proposition to businesses. 2017-07-26 Why companies with digital networks perform better with digital networks perform two to three times better than other. Here are three reasons why.2017-06-19 What does the future hold for IT Managers?'s not easy to be an IT Manager these days, but their role and impact on the business is bound to be greater than ever. Check this video to see how the role of the IT manager is changing. 2017-06-09 Network handles more data than it can bear data traffic has boomed in the last 10 years, particularly in Asia, and the network is now handling more data than it can bear. Here's how much it has evolved.2017-06-05 Want to solve the World’s Biggest Problems?’s Your Chance! Enter our Global Problem Solver Challenge 2017-06-02 3 Ways to Monetize your Investment in Cisco Digital Networks can businesses thrive in a digital economy with Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA)? Learn from our customer KPIT, in India, how Cisco DNA helps them be more innovative, efficient and secure. 2017-05-31 Cisco DNA: the best is yet to come! asked and Dave West answered. How much has Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) evolved in the last year? While we've seen incredible success, the best of DNA is still yet to come! Don't miss this interview our VP of WW Sales for Enterprise Networking on how Cisco is rewriting the network playbook.2017-05-24 Save money, make money with Cisco digital networks is Cisco building the network of the future and how can enterprises monetize their investment? Anand Oswald, Cisco's SVP of Engineering for Enterprise Network, shares how.2017-04-26 What extracting value out of data looks like in Australia are some of the most sought out in Asia Pacific for its leading education system. But the demands are changing and a good curriculum is not enough. Young generations are highly mobile and a digital environment can be a critical decision factor. That is why universities everywhere are competing on a student-experience and Aussie universities lead the way. 2017-04-12 Software Key to Telstra’s "Network of the Future" Service Provider, Telstra, expands deployment of Cisco NSO software to bring automation to next generation network2017-02-28 Greater disruption is coming: what to expect? will further change the way we live and do business through intelligence. Here are the top 5 trends.2017-02-22 Cisco’s Foray into SDN Gathers Momentum we round off a very exciting year for Cisco in 2016, we're proud to see Cisco recognised for its Innovation in the SDN space.2016-12-20 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. #CiscoNewYourWay2016-12-16 Cisco Tops Telecom Asia Awards romped home in style at Telecom Asia’s 9th Readers’ Choice & Innovation Awards, making off with 3 of the 21 awards available2016-12-12 Security: Your Network Super Power is becoming more challenging as more devices come online, opening more doors to cyber-attacks. So how do you effectively stop them from getting through your businesses' doorway? As every company's most pervasive infrastructure, the network is your security superhero. 2016-11-15