Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSun, 25 Aug 2019 09:49:19 -0700IT keeping up with business - Three customer examples and mobility are the hot technology transitions of the moment; they have changed the business landscape and there is no turning back. We know they are challenging enterprises to adjust and drive some form of transformation, but mostly they are empowering businesses to boost their profitable growth. 2015-07-28 Keep calm and work smart: Deccan Herald beyond deadlines to achieve targets, sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours, attending to clients, no sleep — modern lifestyle takes a toll on the physiological and psychological health of a person. The story talks of how today's corporates are changing all that 2015-07-27 Back to Engineering: The Telegraph software industry is passe—the future lies in basic engineering say most corporates.Nalinikanth Gollagunta, Managing Director (commercial sales) at Cisco India and Chandrasekhar Raman, Manager (innovations) at Cisco India share their thoughts2015-07-27 Cisco is Optimistic about Make in India: tele.net as India progresses on the data growth trajectory, it continues to face several challenges in terms of building networks and architecture. The industry requires a fibre-based high bandwidth backhaul network to support data growth and enable data transmission at faster speeds. Cisco is emerging as a key stakeholder in this area, with several projects in India in its portfolio, including the upcoming Smart Cities project. Sanjay Kaul, Managing Director, Service Provider Business, Cisco India and SAARC - discusses the emerging opportunities and technologies in the Indian telecom industry, as well as the key issues faced by operators and the steps needed to overcome them.2015-06-28 Opportunities for India in the Digital Economy:CIO Review in California, Cisco hardware, software and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible-providing easy access to information. 2015-06-22 The 4 rules of intercultural feedback – Cisco Style HR APJC Annella Heytens blogs about how Cisco handles feedback across cultures.2015-06-19 Mobile Internet: The business case for Service Providers - ET Telecom Kaul highlights how as more things are connecting to the Internet and IP Traffic increases at a rapid scale, there will be staggering amounts of mobile data traversing across networks and delivering good customer experience is becoming critical for service providers (SPs) worldwide.2015-06-16 Opting for Cisco Financing Will Provide Channels With an Edge: Channel World Griggs, Head of Marketing and Channel Partner Development, Cisco Capital APAC, says the company is intensely looking at training, enabling and telling Cisco partners that opting for financing through Cisco Capital is a competitive advantage for them.2015-06-15 Fast IT. Fast Mobility. Fast Innovation. the context of a disruptive world where businesses are rapidly becoming digital, we are proud to see how we’ve been rising up to the challenge and fueling business transformation across industries. More than ever, mobile devices are booming, customers are demanding personalization and new business models are emerging. With the network right at the center of this market turmoil, our Enterprise Networks and Fast IT strategy have been evolving to facilitate our customers’ transition to the Digital Economy Era.2015-06-10 Axing the Bell Curve: Why Microsoft, Cisco did CTRL+ALT+DEL to this appraisal tool: the Economic Times like Microsoft and Cisco bid goodbye to the much hated appraisal tool as it was held responsible for killing innovation and teamwork at Microsoft and fostering a bureaucratic, political culture.2015-05-29 Changing the mindset towards financing enterprise technology: ET Telecom Griggs who leads the Business Development and Marketing functions in the Asia Pacific region for Cisco Capital, talks on how organizations choose to fund their technology investment becomes as crucial as deciding which technology to invest in. Therefore, why it is very important for an organization to seriously evaluate the best way to acquire enterprise technology in a manner that is beneficial over the long term. 2015-05-25 This Free meal Will Cost you Dearly: the Economic Times offered in Public places poses a major Security risk in India. This casts a dark shadow over the government's plan to offer free WiFi in 2,500 cities and towns across the country.2015-05-20 Video Analytics to grow exponentially in India: Cisco - Express Computer there are no industry reports indicating the market value or share, for Video Analytics, the market is assumed to be in the range of $5-20 million currently and is expected to grow more than $100 million in 5 years. 2015-05-20 Technology, innovation and banking: Mint advances mobile banking and tap banking have made are such that we don’t have to go to banks any more, say top bankers 2015-05-18 Cisco leadership spotlight: Stephen Dane, Managing Director of Security in APJC this latest installment, we speak to Stephen for his insights on the dynamic threat environment and the critical need for security everywhere. 2015-05-15 Employees Should Run the Show: the Hindustan Times article in the career and job segment of the paper features a brief profile of Seema Nair and highlights how Cisco nurtures talent, and maintains a start-up culture to instil ownership among employees and a sense of excitement at workplace. 2015-05-05 Can we have a digital highway? : Express Computer of India has laid out an ambitious target of 600 million broadband subscribers by 2020. However, today we are having only 70-75 million subscribers. Sanjay Kaul, Managing Director, Service Provider Business, Cisco India & SAARC in an interview with Mohd Ujaley tells, “Broadband market in India is at an inception stage, we are yet to scratch the surface. There is demand for digital content, but we are yet to build the digital highway.” -2015-04-06 What’s Next For Cisco: Security As A Service?: CXO Today a time when enterprises are constantly facing sophisticated attacks unleashed by cyber criminals, implementing robust and scalable security practices is a fundamental part of a business strategy. As the market matures, there is a need for innovative ways to engage with customers. Cisco, which has a large range of cloud-based security solutions, is already building capabilities in the space of security-as-a-service (SECaaS). Talking about the future trends in security, Pravin Srinivasan, Lead, Security Sales, Cisco India and SAARC, told CXOToday that SECaaS is already being adopted in the US and Europe, but is still catching up in India.2015-04-01 Why Channels are Welcoming VersaStack in India: Channel World VersaStack, an integrated systems offering from Cisco and IBM, came to India earlier this month, it got channel partners excited. But VersaStack, channel partners believe, deserves a lot more than just excitement as it could be a goldmine for their businesses 2015-03-26 Cloud Computing: Transforming the Economics of IT :Communications Today computing offers more cost-effective, less risky, and fundamentally faster alternative to on-site application developments, transforming the economics of information technology.2015-03-11