Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSun, 25 Aug 2019 09:58:29 -0700Fostering the next-generation of innovators and problem-solvers on an amazing year of innovation coming out of Cisco thingQbator. 2019-07-11 Changing the customer experience game evolution of the customer buying process.2019-06-17 How to get stuff done as a woman in tech from Allyson Corcoran, Director of Service Sales, Cisco ANZ and tips for how to get stuff done, following experiecne in the technology industry in a range of roles for 27 years. 2019-04-12 Women in IT Awards : Winner Profiles this month at Cisco Live Melbourne, the Empowered Women’s Network (EWN) announced the inaugural winners of the 2019 Women in IT Awards. Find out more about the inaugural winners! 2019-03-22 Cisco ANZ recognises Partner Award Winners and announces Innovation Challenge at Cisco Live Melbourne ANZ congratulated Partner Award Winners, and announced a huge Innovation Challenge for ANZ during the Partner Xperience ANZ Theatre Insights session at Cisco Live Melbourne.2019-03-06 "If you can see it, you can be it" - Tara Ridley, Director of the Partner Organisation, Ridley, Director of the Partner Organisation, Cisco Australia and New Zealand, shares what has helped her to grow professionally as a woman in technology. Tara recently won the Achievement Award at the ARN Women in IT Awards. 2018-12-20 What's the one big tech development that shaped 2018? Phibbs, VP of Marketing & Communications for APJC talks about collaboration technology and the Future of Work on MoneyFM 89.32018-12-19 Industry Driving the Skills Agenda in Asia from institutes and systems in Asia. Economies in Asia are digitising at a rate and scale that is creating major challenges predicting and fulfilling their talent needs. 2018-07-17 Reigniting Hope and Connection in New Zealand NZ is expanding our Platinum sponsorship with Rescue Run to include a partnership Youthline. We have brought on Jake Bailey as the Cisco Youthline Ambassador. Over the coming months, he will be visiting schools across New Zealand with a message of Hope.2018-05-04 Team engagement is tough: fortunately Cisco Webex has your back’d like to make the case that to dominate in this new world, we need to focus less on digits, and more on people, communication and collaboration. 2018-04-24 Fun is the new currency in the workplace younger generations joining the workforce, more than ever FUN is now becoming a big part of a strong corporate culture, leading to higher satisfaction, innovation & productivity. Learn more in this 1-minute video!2018-04-18 Want more innovative teams? Be more inclusive perspectives solve a problem faster, spurring innovation, and we have science on our side to back it up!2018-04-13 What can the pecking order teach us about work productivity? Cisco continues to transform collaboration technology for the workplace, we like to find inspiration in social experiments that prove that a more collaborative environment is key to a happier workplace and more productive teams. So, check what we’ve learned from none other than chickens! 2018-04-09 Cisco Talent Outreach Program for Schools 2017, we launched the Cisco Talent Outreach program for schools in Bangalore. As part of this program, we partnered with about 10 schools. The program is 6-months long where the school students collaborate with Cisco mentors to build a technology solution for a specific problem they want to address at their respective schools. They leverage Cisco technologies like WebEx and Spark to enable seamless communication and connectivity. They get guidance from mentors from Cisco to complete their projects. At the end of this 6-month program, teams present their work and receive a certificate from Cisco. 2018-02-13 Leave the office routine to AI! podcast on the (future) role of AI in the workplace2018-02-08 #CiscoChat Podcast 2018: Take a peek into your future workplace does the office of the future look like? Will we even have physical offices anymore? How important are humans in the future workforce? The bigger question is: how will humans work with technology and machines in the future? Cisco’s Vice President of Human Resources for APJC, Annella Heytens, talks about the future of work in this podcast episode. 2018-01-19 New Year. New Social Year, New Social. Tis’ The Season to Share. 2017-12-16 Leadership@Cisco: Mark Phibbs Phibbs, Vice President of Marketing for Asia Pacific & Japan at Cisco talks about marketing in a digital world. 2017-12-07 What the streets of India taught me about leadership Vish lyer, the VP of Architectures at Cisco in APJ: the leader, the teacher, the family person and the once tourist guide in streets of Mumbai. 2017-11-03 Effective Security Starts With People’s never been more important to have the right people, process and technology. Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ shares why people matter.2017-10-26 Digital student experience: Educators and Industry in lockstep players like Cisco have a huge vested interest in education, and together with government and schools, need to jointly define the future of education. So how can we help to educate our educators? 2017-09-21 Business Success amid Cultural Diversity much as we like to package the Asia-Pacific countries in one box, they are all amazingly different – different languages, different currencies and different cultures. These differences is what often stands in the way of companies' success in this part of the world. Here are some aspects you need to look out for when doing business in the region.2017-09-04 Cisco’s (Open) Secret in Creating a Great Workplace in working for Cisco, complemented by our strong culture of empowering employees and an environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity are some of the key attributes that powered Cisco Malaysia’s first ever win of the 'Aon Best Employers in Malaysia 2017' Award.2017-08-24 Change the world with technology of our colleagues from Cisco Korea tell us what it's like to work here and how they help customers in an increasingly digital world.2017-08-04 Connected Learning for a Better Indonesia – Cisco Education Day Indonesia held the Cisco Education Day: Connected Learning for a better Indonesia on Tuesday 18th of July 2017. Hosted live, and broadcasted across five locations2017-07-24 Want to solve the World’s Biggest Problems?’s Your Chance! Enter our Global Problem Solver Challenge 2017-06-02 A bright future for ASEAN look back on the World Economic Forum event in Phnom Penh and the potential for ASEAN to be one of the most powerful digital blocs globally.2017-05-17 The Next 50 Years: Setting ASEAN up for Success’s been exciting to attend my first World Economic Forum, a conference that’s truly “committed to improving the state of the world”. Let’s go out and do it – there’s never been a better time!2017-05-15 Advice I would give to my younger self Graduate, Ursula O'Dwyer, reflects on how she started a career in technology - something that she thought was out of reach.2017-05-08 Empowering the workforce to secure digital dividends of Industry 4.0 of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN in Cambodia, Annella Heytens, VP of HR for APJC reflects on opportunities for the region to maximize resources and economies of scale in the digital economy.2017-05-05