Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsWed, 12 Dec 2018 00:50:48 -0800Cisco SD-WAN Explained cloud is critical to digital transformation. But it has disrupted the traditional WAN architecture that used to link a fixed location to a data center, and now has to link multiple devices, users and things to multiple clouds. Learn how SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN in particular can help address these challenges that have arisen in a multi-cloud world.2018-11-28 Talking Cybersecurity For Small & Mighty Business to this #CiscoChat podcast to get technology and cybersecurity insights for small and medium business.2018-10-31 Why Companies Regret the #1 Reason Driving their Purchasing Decisions just published "Ready, Steady, Unsure – A Technology Perspective into Asia-Pacific’s Readiness for Digital Transformation", a report aimed at finding the gaps and harmonies between companies’ Digital Transformation strategies and their top investments in new technologies and IT infrastructure. The good news: companies in Asia-Pacific feel adequately prepared for Digital. The bad news: companies have compromised the quality of their IT infrastructure by making price-based decisions. Most regret it. Read on to learn why.2018-10-22 Technology-driven change for skills Hamilton, Head of HR for Cisco APJC, on the role of the education sector in equipping the workforce and plugging skills gap in the digital economy.2018-10-09 Meet Our Next 8 Startups 3 successful startup cohorts, Cisco Launchpad is all set to commence its 4th startup cohort. Join me in welcoming Cisco LaunchPad Startup Cohort 42018-10-04 How does Australia rank in its digital readiness? has been ranked one of the most digitally-ready nations in the world, but there is a significant ‘digital divide’ across states and territories, new research from Cisco and Gartner has found.2018-09-12 Behind every great digital company there’s a great digital IT infrastructure week I’m at the Word Economic Forum in Hanoi to talk about ASEAN’s digital readiness, and perhaps the most disregarded pillar of digital transformation in a time it has never been more important for companies in the region to navigate technological disruption. That pillar is IT Infrastructure, which needs to be modernized for today’s and future digital needs. 2018-09-12 Evolution of Cloud in Higher and Vocational Education recently commissioned an independent consulting firm (Vector Consulting) to do a deep dive on how cloud was viewed and used by universities, TAFE colleges and polytechnics in the Australian and New Zealand markets. 2018-09-03 Cisco Start Challenge Empowering Small & Medium Business to Digitise shaped up to be a great month for Cisco Small and Medium Business, as we announced our dedicated strategy for Australian SMBs and further commitment to supporting them on their digitisation journey.2018-08-13 Digital Manufacturing - Trends, Tips & the Multiplier Effect has the highest multiplier effect of any major sector. For every dollar spent on manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy. For every employee hired, four jobs are created in other areas such as retail or logistics. As manufacturers turn to digital to increase efficiencies, safety or productivity, they not only accelerate this value chain, they also create a whole new level of personalization from the power plant to the customer by harnessing the power of data. Catch this #CiscoChat Podcast with Ruma Balasubramanian, VP of Enterprise & Digital for Cisco Asia-Pacific and Japan, to know more about the power of digital manufacturing and learn from the experience of manufacturers in the region who are leading the way by adopting disruptive technologies to be more efficient, secure and innovative.2018-07-30 Cisco to change the entertainment industry in Japan using ICT today announced, together with Sony Music Entertainment jointly promote efficient event management and new services for fans using information and communication technology (ICT). 2018-07-06 Why Asia-Pacific will score in Digital Transformation Asia doesn’t have the fastest football player, but it sure is the fastest growing region in the world. All countries in this part of the world possess tremendous growth opportunities and are looking at digital to boost their economies and competitive edge. To do so, companies in the region are focused on adopting next generations networking that will fuel their digital plans. 2018-07-03 Tractors, Cars, and the meaning of Intent-Based Networking Networking (IBN) is a hot topic right now and as with many hot topics there is often confusion. Even though Cisco announced it a year ago at Cisco Live US, at this year’s event the most frequently asked question was still: “What is intent based networking?”. Part of the confusion comes from the definition of intent itself. Dictionaries say intent is the notion of “purpose or design”. Marketers will say that intent in the network means “the network knows what to do and it runs itself”. Network engineers, however, have a slightly different understanding and will tell you that the network has always been automated and self-driven. So, what's different and what's changed?2018-06-25 Harnessing technology to stay in pole position Times article by Bastiaan Toeset on how technology can give SMEs the edge to compete in the digital era.2018-06-18 Ask An Expert: IDC's Cathy Huang Shares Cybersecurity Insights asked industry analyst, IDC's Cathy Huang to share cybersecurity insights on breach readiness and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)2018-05-25 That time I fat-fingered an IP address and brought the Network down a network engineer responsible for a 40,000 user network, I once " fat-fingered an IP address connecting to the regional network gateway, cutting off the entire campus for 15 long minutes. Like me, I’m sure most of network engineers have a story of a time when a simple change had wider ramifications, so the guiding motto has always been “better safe than sorry". The problem with this approach is that demands on the network are increasing.2018-05-03 Fun is the new currency in the workplace younger generations joining the workforce, more than ever FUN is now becoming a big part of a strong corporate culture, leading to higher satisfaction, innovation & productivity. Learn more in this 1-minute video!2018-04-18 Want more innovative teams? Be more inclusive perspectives solve a problem faster, spurring innovation, and we have science on our side to back it up!2018-04-13 Companies turn to AI and automation to combat cyber threats this 1-minute video that summarizes the conclusions of the Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report, which reveals security leaders rely on and invest in Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to defend against threats.2018-04-11 What can the pecking order teach us about work productivity? Cisco continues to transform collaboration technology for the workplace, we like to find inspiration in social experiments that prove that a more collaborative environment is key to a happier workplace and more productive teams. So, check what we’ve learned from none other than chickens! 2018-04-09 Out with the old, in with new: why companies need to run on a modern IT Infrastructure often do you change phones? How about its software and apps – how often do you upgrade them? I know. All the time! The pace at which we do this is unbelievable, and that’s because it’s all so simple, fast and intuitive. Press a button and it’s done. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t happen in the enterprise space and complexity has often been blamed for it. The fact of the matter is that upgrading IT infrastructure in enterprise is still hard and slow to do, leaving many companies discouraged to make the necessary changes to keep pace with the demands of a digital world. Can we blame them? No, we can’t. But we can make enterprise technology more intelligent and, as a result, much simpler to manage and consume – just like in the tech consumer market. 2018-04-04 Up your Game in Customer Experience with Behavioral Analytics just wrapped up Cisco Live Melbourne (CLM) that took place between 6 and 9 of March, and guess what? We know what you were up to that week. For example, we know the World of Solutions (WoS) was the most popular attraction and that you explored Cisco’s booths and innovation for 1h on average. We also know you were engaged in the breakout sessions, because you stayed throughout, and that you’re loyal to your coffee break. You may have not stayed for long, but the “Work-Live-Play” was your favorite spot to relax and catch up on your emails and social media updates. 2018-03-21 The SMB of the future cost, gaining operational efficiency and improving productivity are top concerns for small and medium sized businesses. 2018-03-05 Solving Wi-Fi issues in the world’s most connected region’t it frustrating when you can see your preferred wireless network on your phone or laptop and, for some reason, your device just won’t connect? The reason why that happens? That’s exactly what Cisco is helping organizations solve. Because such situations are no fun for them either. Beyond compromising the user’s productivity and experience, there’s a huge price tag to it - $300K for every single hour of downtime, according to 81% of organizations surveyed. 2018-02-12 Customer Service: Chatbot or Human Touch? how companies and consumers think differently about quality of customer service and the use of chatbots to improve it.2018-02-09 2018: Cybersecurity Insights & Predictions Podcast were the cybersecurity game changers in 2017? Which high profile ransomware attack didn’t have a way to accept the ransom? Who can consumers trust with their data? Tune into this podcast and find out.2018-01-25 Top 10 Trends for ICT in 2018 year, Kevin Bloch, CTO for Cisco ANZ, develops 10 predictions for the ICT industry - here's the 2018 edition!2018-01-24 #CiscoChat Podcast: 2018 - Time to Get Past the Old Way of Networking to the first podcast in the series "Predictions 2018: Data, Disruption & Downtime", with Brink Sanders, MD of Software & Network Transformation at Cisco APJ. He is on the hot seat to explain why we can't live without networks (more than electricity!) and why the old way of networking is a roadblock to businesses and customer experience. Will 2018 mark a turning point for companies towards next generation networks? Don't miss these unfiltered 17 minutes of conversation to find out!2018-01-10 Machine Learning in Enterprise Networking Solutions last few years have seen an explosion in the number of global companies that have started leveraging machine learning (ML) to convert data to business opportunities. This article talks about few key components that are required for the success of machine learning based solutions, like availability of data, a platform that enables the collection and curation of data at scale, and network telemetry.2018-01-05 Battling the misconception of selling software Batka, Vice President of Cisco's Partner Organization in Asia Pacific and Japan and Siriwat Vongjarukorn, CEO of Thai partner MFEC, discuss how Cisco and our partners work together to transition from a hardware only model to one that includes software and services.2017-12-12