Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSat, 17 Aug 2019 20:51:43 -0700Towards a Multimodal Transportation Data Framework is occurring at a rapid pace across all modes of transportation. 2018-12-13 Cisco invests $1M in world first technology in Adelaide to help reduce traffic congestion announced that it is investing $1M in world-first Smart City technology for Adelaide to help reduce traffic congestion and create the foundations for the deployment of autonomous vehicles on busy roads2018-02-01 Top 10 Trends for ICT in 2018 year, Kevin Bloch, CTO for Cisco ANZ, develops 10 predictions for the ICT industry - here's the 2018 edition!2018-01-24 Security is the foundation of Singapore’s Smart Nation Bee Kheng's thought leadership blog for GovWare 20172017-09-19 Driving Singapore's Smart Nation Future: Successful Local Implementation with Regional Potential’s Smart Nation programme success will lead other cities in the ASEAN region to scale their own smart city implementation 2017-08-01 Global Problem Solving to Benefit 1 Billion People 2016 Cisco committed to positively impact 1 billion people by 2025. 2017-07-31 Connected Learning for a Better Indonesia – Cisco Education Day Indonesia held the Cisco Education Day: Connected Learning for a better Indonesia on Tuesday 18th of July 2017. Hosted live, and broadcasted across five locations2017-07-24 How smart city technology solves urban issues in Asia how smart city technology is used in several countries across Asia-Pacific to address urban challenges.2017-07-18 Want to solve the World’s Biggest Problems?’s Your Chance! Enter our Global Problem Solver Challenge 2017-06-02 Cisco Australia & KPMG ally to drive Australian Smart Cities Australia and KPMG Australia’s IoT Practice have formed an alliance to help city leaders design, implement and operate new data-driven services and IoT technologies. 2017-05-25 The Next 50 Years: Setting ASEAN up for Success’s been exciting to attend my first World Economic Forum, a conference that’s truly “committed to improving the state of the world”. Let’s go out and do it – there’s never been a better time!2017-05-15 An ASEAN Approach to Digitization“There is much to be won in ASEAN – and we have global connectivity on our side” says Ruma Balasubramanian, Cisco’s VP of APJ Enterprise & Digital Transformation. 2017-05-09 Connectivity is a Culture: An ASEAN approach to Digitization connected as ASEAN is– by land, rail, culture and trade – alignment on digital vision, security, public services and infrastructure is a necessity. 2017-05-04 Security Integral in Deakin University’s Digital Network University has recently implemented an array of Cisco's Cybersecurity solutions, which enabling their Digital Network to thrive. 2017-05-03 What extracting value out of data looks like in Australia are some of the most sought out in Asia Pacific for its leading education system. But the demands are changing and a good curriculum is not enough. Young generations are highly mobile and a digital environment can be a critical decision factor. That is why universities everywhere are competing on a student-experience and Aussie universities lead the way. 2017-04-12 The “Social” Case for Self-Driving Cars it comes to autonomous vehicles - technology is top of mind. But the social impact makes for an even more compelling proposition.2017-04-03 Greater disruption is coming: what to expect? will further change the way we live and do business through intelligence. Here are the top 5 trends.2017-02-22 Top 10 Trends for 2017 for Cisco in Australia & New Zealand, Kevin Bloch, shares his annual predictions of trends in ICT and technology. Read about what's set to take place in 2017.2017-01-25 Asia Best in Class in Smart Transport transport is critical to the realization of smart cities, and Asia already leads the way in this regard. Learn how!2017-01-23 Planes, Trains and Automobiles Gil De Bernabe explores the innovation, implications and impact of self-driving technology for Asia. 2016-12-16 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. #CiscoNewYourWay2016-12-16 Cisco: Your Foundation for Digital Transformation does Cisco digitize the world together with our Partners? Ruma Balasubramanian, our VP for Enterprise Segment & Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific & Japan tells us in just 2 minutes.2016-11-08 Cisco and Infocomm Investments Team Up With Startups in the Region to Create Smart Nation Innovations startups from Singapore and Korea successfully completed the Cisco-TAG.PASS Smart Innovation Programme and showcased their IoT solutions at a Demo Day event. 2016-09-26 Country digitization leads Cisco and world into new era potential for countries to prosper in the coming decade is staggering—see how this will change absolutely everything. 2016-09-19 Cisco game changers, ages 6 to 11 incredible power of technology is one of the reasons I love working for Cisco. I am also happy that my job is, to put it simply, to convince other people to join Cisco. 2016-07-21 Adelaide improves citizens' quality of life leaders of Adelaide and the State of South Australia partnered with Cisco to digitally transform the city. 2016-06-22 Asia’s Digital Leapfrog Dilemma the world’s economic center of gravity rapidly shifts back to Asia, bringing so much change, at such an unprecedented pace, how will Asia cope?2016-06-20 Beginning the Digital Transformation Journey with Workforce Experience a doubt, people are the most strategic asset of any organization. Employees hold the key to your company’s ability to innovate and differentiate from the competition. As digitization becomes more pervasive and younger generations enter the workforce, the dynamics of the workplace is changing to support the workstyles of the modern information worker.2016-03-17 Meet the robot that roams the halls at Cisco Ava 500, Cisco's telepresence robot that is changing the way we think about collaboration. 2016-03-07 The smart city of Songdo integrates real-time analytics how Cisco is working and innovating with two partners in South Korea, using data-driven, real-time analytics to save money and time. 2016-02-15