Cisco APJC Network AnnouncementsSun, 25 Aug 2019 09:55:33 -0700Tokyo 2020 in 365 days: On the path to new opportunity for Japan Society West's Blog2019-07-25 Digital Industries Summit – Education Track industry sectors are being disrupted by technology at different rates. 2019-07-18 Universities Driving Global Innovation Ecosystems | Cisco's Higher Education Study Tour to Germany and the UK 2019 higher education study tour focused on better understanding the intersection between universities and industry, and the important role that universities play in the innovation ecosystem. Find out more about the themes that emerged from the tour. 2019-07-16 Fostering the next-generation of innovators and problem-solvers on an amazing year of innovation coming out of Cisco thingQbator. 2019-07-11 Securing Australia’s Education Institutions state of cyber readiness in the Australian education sector2019-07-10 Beyond the digital hype: how manufacturers are leveling upいらっしゃいませ! We were proud and grateful to welcome 300 participants to Nagoya, Japan earlier this month for our annual Digital Manufacturing Summit. The event was a success in more ways than one. My main conclusion? Without a doubt, the manufacturing industry at large is entering a new phase of digital readiness. 2019-06-27 The CIO challenge: Manufacturers demand always on, always performing, always contemporary IT this month, I had the privilege of hosting the region’s largest manufacturing companies for Cisco APJC’s second Digital Manufacturing Summit in Nagoya, Japan.2019-06-18 Changing the customer experience game evolution of the customer buying process.2019-06-17 Navigating a complex but rewarding region all the latest information, news, and events for the Asia Pacific theater and countries, so you can stay connected to what is going on in the APJC region.2019-06-12 Bridging digital connectivity gaps in rural Australia | Bringing 'AgTech Together' and access to connectivity is key in rural and regional areas. Cisco is working with partners to bridge the digital connectivity gap, enabling better connectivity and efficiencies for farmers by connecting them to technology and developers. Find out about a networking event coming up on 19 June 4-7 pm at Cisco's offices, and the technology behind it. 2019-06-07 Rare opportunity - Cisco & Curtin Chair for Intent Based Networking partnership with Curtin University, Cisco is calling for applicants to the role of its recently announced Chair for Global Centre for Intent Based Networking to lead dedicated academic staff and a Cisco Digital Networking Architecture (DNA) lab environment. 2019-05-14 Treat cybersecurity like your house - how to stay secure online our time online increases and as we use the internet more and more, protecting our online footprint and data is key. Includes tips on how to stay secure online from Director of Cybersecurity, Steve Moros. 2019-05-09 Transitions to a momentous change of era ushering in the age of “Reiwa” or harmonious peace2019-05-08 On Moving House, Internet Shopping and High Efficiency Wireless Krischer's talks about the importance of Wi-Fi 62019-05-07 Cisco Live Melbourne 2019 - A year of 'firsts' was bustling with technology enthusiasts for the renowned annual Cisco Live conference during the first week of March. Find out why 2019 was a year of 'firsts'.2019-05-02 Podcast: Winning the battle against cyber criminals prevention and risk mitigation are key for SMBs looking to prevent cyber attacks. Listen to what more SMBs in Southeast Asia can do to protect themselves in this podcast. 2019-04-23 Asia Pacific: the beacon of growth and opportunity for entrepreneurs rise of APAC as a region of growth and opportunity for small businesses.2019-04-22 Tearing down the walls: transcending organizational silos using multi-domain architectures in silos is one of the biggest barriers to an organization’s ability to deliver great customer value.2019-04-22 Cybersecurity for the Small and Mighty blog post from the Cisco SMB Inspire Series.2019-04-12 How to get stuff done as a woman in tech from Allyson Corcoran, Director of Service Sales, Cisco ANZ and tips for how to get stuff done, following experiecne in the technology industry in a range of roles for 27 years. 2019-04-12 Connectivity Podcast: More than just maintaining a stable internet connection Bidhan Roy, Managing Director ASEAN Markets and Ronald Tan, Director of Enterprise Network (ASEAN) to hear their view points on which emerging business trends and technologies are driving the case for enhancing SMB connectivity.2019-04-09 Use technology to lead and not just to keep pace with day isn’t far when Internet connectivity will be considered as a human right across the world. Today, a high speed internet is far more important than certain basic necessities of life. And we often take it for granted, but do we always get fast, reliable and secure connectivity. For SMBs, it is the foundation for business success. 2019-03-28 An Asia Pacific Lens on the Latest CISO Benchmark Study Dane highlights three key trends that stood out among the Asia Pacific respondents from our latest CISO Benchmark Study. 2019-03-26 Industry and university partnerships set to reshape Australia’s digital future continue pushing the digital boundaries, Australia's universities must deepen partnerships with industry players.2019-03-25 Women in IT Awards : Winner Profiles this month at Cisco Live Melbourne, the Empowered Women’s Network (EWN) announced the inaugural winners of the 2019 Women in IT Awards. Find out more about the inaugural winners! 2019-03-22 Three reasons why we’ve just had our best SP Summit yet, and there’s more in store reasons why we’ve just had our best SP Summit yet, and there’s more in store2019-03-19 Winners announced for Cisco’s inaugural Women in IT Awards Cisco announced the winners for the inaugural Women in IT Awards, at the Cisco Live Melbourne technology conference. Seven women in the technology industry were recognised for their excellence across the industry, winning awards across categories including academia, community, rising star, diversity, outstanding ICT innovation, and CIO of the year. 2019-03-07 Cisco ANZ recognises Partner Award Winners and announces Innovation Challenge at Cisco Live Melbourne ANZ congratulated Partner Award Winners, and announced a huge Innovation Challenge for ANZ during the Partner Xperience ANZ Theatre Insights session at Cisco Live Melbourne.2019-03-06 Cisco and Curtin University Launch Global Centre for Intent-based Networking and Curtin University have announced investment in a new research centre, the Centre for Intent-Based Networking, focused on advancing networking technology.2019-03-06 Introducing the Cisco SMB Inspire Series new Cisco SMB Inspire Series will provide SMBs in Southeast Asia with new perspectives on addressing today's challenges. 2019-03-05