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Powered By Partnerships 2.0

Powered By Partnerships 2.0
Every year we make significant new announcements to our partners during Partner Summit and this year was no exception.
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Powered By Partnerships 2.0

Ruma Balasubramanian

Vice President Partner Organization Asia Pacific & Japan

March 28, 2016
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Cisco has been hosting global Partner Summits since 1997, to connect with our Partner Community, announce our latest innovations and gain insights from our key partners. That is still the case at this year’s Partner Summit in beautiful San Diego (1-3 March). This year, we selected the theme: Powered By Partnerships. The theme, Powered by Partnerships, is especially fitting for the APJ region because over 90% of our business is won through and with our partners. Our partner ecosystem continues to be at the center of our sales model and our partners are so very critical to the success that we enjoy with our customers.

Every year we make significant new announcements to our partners during Partner Summit and this year was no exception. Some great examples of our innovation were presented mainstage by the amazing Biri Singh, Rob Soderbery, David Goeckeler, Yvette Kanouff and Rowan Trollope.

Innovation is at the core of what Cisco represents, both globally and in Asia Pacific & Japan which is why innovation (and what this means for our partners), were center stage during our APJ Geo session as well. Our theme for the APJ Geo Breakout session was Powered by Partners.  Powered by APJ.  Asia Pacific & Japan regional leader SVP Irving Tan opened the session by giving our Partners an overview of the APJ strategy as a whole, including our remarkable success in the last 6 months. Ross Fowler built his presentation around the digitization needs of customers today and tomorrow, zooming in on how our Partner ecosystem is critical in our customers’ journey. Dave West talked us through the incredible opportunity of Refresh and how Digital Transformation is the key conversation starter for this transition. To round off the 2 hour Asia Pacific and Japan session, my presentation focused on how we are helping our partners to make Refresh, Digitization, advances in Cisco Security and Software a reality. Take, for example, our Security Enablement success (59% more sales for partners who sent their teams to Cisco Enablement!) or the Software workshops we are offering for the new role of ‘Lifecycle Advisor’. I asked our partners to take action by getting involved with our new ACES framework, coming in May to our region, to support multi-partner deals. I gave an overview of all of the Programs we offer (and how they fit together) and introduced Total Program View; a great source for the status of bookings and metrics from all of the Cisco Programs. And I discussed our Commercial success in Asia Pacific & Japan, calling on partners to sign up for Partner Plus and take advantage of our new Partner Marketing Central.

I truly hope you enjoyed this year’s Partner Summit, either in person or virtually. If you missed a session at Partner Summit or couldn’t attend - all of the Partner Summit sessions can be found on Sales Connect - or watch the wrap-up video below!

In closing, our main takeaways from the Asia Pacific and Japan session were threefold. First, our customers consider digital transformation to be their #1 imperative. Second, that our partners absolutely must devote time and resources to capturing the refresh opportunity.  And last, but certainly not least, that partners are critical in helping customers digitize and innovate. Our partners are looking forward to the next Partner Summit in San Francisco where they will see exciting new content and innovation, and of course, experience our continued commitment to partnering.

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