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Simple, Secure, Smart! The Digitization Journey for SMBs

Simple, Secure, Smart! The Digitization Journey for SMBs
Bastiaan Toeset talks about Cisco START, enterprise-class technology for SMBs.
Simple, Secure, Smart! The Digitization Journey for SMBs READ FULL ARTICLE

Simple, Secure, Smart! The Digitization Journey for SMBs

Bastiaan Toeset
Cisco Systems
Vice President for Commercial, Marketing & Communications, Asia Pacific & Japan

December 06, 2016
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The world is changing and it’s an exciting time for businesses here in Asia as one of the economic centres of gravity with almost two-thirds of the world’s population. This presents a golden opportunity for local and regional companies to grab a piece of the new and vast economic pie: provided they can adjust their businesses and processes to seize this opportunity.

I believe there is no better segment than SMBs to embrace digitization.  As the engine for Asia’s growth: SMBs & mid-sized companies account for up to 50% of the region’s GDP; 70% of its total workforce; and a staggering 90% of all enterprises.

In today’s digital economy, SMBs are recognizing just how technology is critical to their continued success.  However, many of them face similar challenges as they try to take advantage of this vast digital and economic windfall.

In the face of trends such as mobility, cloud and security, they face rapidly increasing demands and complex decisions to upgrade their IT infrastructure -  so they can embrace the benefits today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.  All of this with limited resources.

It is the increased complexity in technologies, solutions and even vendors that we at Cisco are looking to change. We aim to clarify the clutter and simplify the journey to digitization: letting SMBs seize the opportunity offered by Asia’s growing economic leadership of the world.

A STARTing point

Enter Cisco START – a suite of products and solutions specifically designed for SMBs.  Simple, Secure and Smart technology that is right sized and right priced for their needs.  Cisco START provides a platform that lays the foundations for success and future growth. So what exactly, does this mean for SMBs?

First, digitization will be made easier to achieve: we’ve made it simple to identify, understand, install, manage and pay for the latest technologies to build your business and enhance operational efficiency. By removing the confusion and complexity, SMBs can concentrate on the important aspects of their business like reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).  Using the latest technologies and automation to streamline businesses will lead to greater innovation, allowing Asia’s SMBs to stay ahead in the digital age.                                                  

Operations aside, they’ll also get to enhance their customer experience. The digital age has been dubbed the “Era of Customer Experience.” Today’s digital natives are increasingly demanding: expecting a seamless customer experience between physical and digital touchpoints. Who knows how these expectations may evolve. But with the latest technology and solutions as the cornerstone of their business, SMBs can future-proof themselves with Cisco START’s smart technology portfolio.

Finally, there is security. The currency of the digital era is trust. Without it – no business will survive. Cisco START has security built into its foundations. We use the same leading edge security technologies that we employ for our enterprise clients - giving you peace of mind.

A Great Leveller

Digitization will be a great leveller, allowing SMBs to compete at the local, regional and international level, and do so against multinationals and other larger companies. But more than that, it’s a call to action – to be innovative, collaborative and ambitious. To completely reimagine your business models to realize new economic value.

The possibilities of digitization are endless, limited only by our imagination. Think about the impact of the internet over the past 25 years, and imagine a supercharged version of that when digitization is fully embraced. This is one of – if not the most significant changes of our era – and Cisco is ready to support SMBs to capture the opportunity.

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