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Security Integral in Deakin University’s Digital Network

Security Integral in Deakin University’s Digital Network
Deakin University has recently implemented an array of Cisco's Cybersecurity solutions, which enabling their Digital Network to thrive.
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Security Integral in Deakin University’s Digital Network

May 03, 2017
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Deakin University, one of Australia’s leading tertiary education providers, has completed a significant stage in their digital journey with the implementation of a number of Cisco’s cybersecurity solutions. This increased digital proficency stems from Deakin’s William Confalonieri, Chief Digital Officer and Vice-President, prioritising investment in their digital network.

The requirements of networks to meet the digital demands and premium experience expectations of students and staff, of both today and in the future, has been a primary focus for Confalonieri. Beyond the additional objectives of driving organisational change and increasing competitive advantage through digital ecosystem orchestration. This journey is challenging businesses, institutions and government, at every level.

However, as a recipient of several industry awards including the 2017 Computerworld/IDG Premier 100 Global Technology Leader Award, 2016 ‘CIO of the Year’ (Australian Executive Awards/CEO) Magazine and 2014 ‘Australian CIO of the Year’ (ITNews Benchmark Awards), Deakin’s Chief Digital Officer is committed to driving transformational change through technology.

“Over the last few years Deakin University has demonstrated, with great outcomes, that we are both committed and serious about being global leaders in harnessing the power of the Digital Age/customer centric era to deliver superior results in education, research and across all the work that we do with our communities.”



These results stem from Confalonieri’s focus on enabling agile service, application development and enhanced network delivery across the campus, which are the backbone of their digital strategy and continued network investment. Enabling this digital leadership of providing services wherever needed, to whoever and whenever has been reliant on the implementation of an array of Cisco solutions across the network; including security.

Utilising Cisco’s latest Security Enterprise Licence Agreement (ELA), Deakin is now turning their network into an early warning sensor and security enforcer, which provides protection in real-time. This is key to ensuring the security and safety of staff, students and intellectual property, without impacting the operational agility and speed of the underlying network. 

“It would be naïve for Deakin to have such high ambitions of the network, without having an equally strong approach to the management of Cybersecurity risks and building the necessary organisational Cybersecurity resilience. At Deakin, we have a first-class Cloud Campus, in addition to significant IoT and AI-driven analytics investments, which demand robust security capabilities as a backbone.”




Securing a network has never been more topical or necessary to maintaining digital provisions, in recognition of this challenge to ensure both ROI and better protection is achieved, Deakin are working with Cisco’s Advanced Services to optimize and accelerate their capabilities.

“To ensure we can enhance our Cybersecurity program, ‘Deakin Shield’, to the next level of maturity, we have engaged our long term and trust partner, Cisco, with a new and ambitious Cybersecurity initiative.” Confalonieri explains.

Deakin has performed an aggressive rollout schedule of security updates, to increase and automate the protection of students, researchers and staff across the network. This has been supported by Cisco’s strategic advice, focus on ensuring technical governance, minimising time to value and providing ongoing access to world-leading security expertise for both the University and its students.

“Cisco’s Cybersecurity portfolio offers the full spectrum of the NIST Cybersecurity framework that Deakin has adopted as best practice, whilst providing protection from the Network to Application layer. Cisco’s solutions dramatically increase our protection capability and substantially enhance our ability to detect anomalies and events.” Confalonieri concludes.

Additionally, in enriching Deakin’s role as an education provider in the cybersecurity field, the Cisco Cyber Range tool is being introduced to increase the skills of staff and students. This is being implemented to ensure Deakin graduates gain increased employability credentials by obtaining experience, within a controlled environment, of identifying and defending against various levels of threat-based attacks.



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