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Cisco Spark Launches in New Zealand

Cisco Spark Launches in New Zealand
After an 18-month legal agreement and negotiation process, Cisco Spark is now available in New Zealand, through distributor Telegistics.
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Cisco Spark Launches in New Zealand

Dave Wilson

New Zealand Country Manager

September 08, 2017
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Cisco Spark is now available in New Zealand, after an 18-month process of negotiations and agreements with Spark New Zealand. This is extremely exciting time for Cisco, our customers, partners and Telegistics(a subsidiary of Spark NZ), who are now our exclusive distributor of Cisco Spark in New Zealand.

Cisco Spark is a cloud-based, end-to-end encrypted, open-API platform that offers a revolutionary collaboration experience by providing a space for people to create, share and complete tasks together. This enables an environment that inspires creativity, innovation and decision making.  The platform allows teams and users to interact simultaneously in real-time through connecting to devices, which people already have today, to offer individual and group video meetings, messaging, calling, file sharing and white boarding.  The platform also incorporates Bots, which become your own personal digital assistance and VR (Virtual Reality) rooms to join next generation meetings from anywhere.



The Red-dot award winning designed Cisco Spark Board is a next-generation endpoint that connects Cisco’s Spark cloud platform for its interactive operating system. This maximizes Cisco Spark’s best attributes, combining them with a 4K quality video conferencing, real-time interactive digital canvas, with the ease of ‘plug and play’, to create leading collaboration hardware.

However, Cisco Spark offers much more than being the ultimate collaboration platform and endpoints (Cisco Spark Board & Cisco Spark Video room kits), with the capability for integration with applications from developers or partners, enabled by open-APIs, businesses have the opportunity to revolutionise their work flows.



An example of Cisco Spark’s capabilities that we can all relate to, is the feeling of being unsatisfied after a shopping experience, whether buying out-of-date fruit at a Supermarket or waiting to be served at a department store. For most of us sending out a tweet or comment on Facebook is easier or the modern default method of providing feedback, rather than expressing our dissatisfaction in person. Where Cisco Spark offers benefits to a business, in this case a retailer, is when the business may have engaged a partner like Local Measure (who are able to integrate their technology through the open-API attribute of the Cisco Spark platform) that have a solution that geo-targets or hones in on geographic analytics from social chatter. Their solution picks up this feedback, auto generates a Cisco Spark team room, so that the retailer can manage the complaint process directly with the key team members, or start to re-engage with the unsatisfied customer with the aim of rectifying the issue – thereby creating an entirely new digital and effective workflow.  So if you are creating new processes and or workflows as part of your Digital Transformation projects, Cisco Spark is the communication platform that adds value to your customer experience.

It is precisely the ability of turning problems into opportunities, whether they be collaborating across devices and throughout the world or resolving a client dispute, that makes Cisco Spark the ultimate business communication platform.


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