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Further accelerating the digital transformation of Japan towards 2020

Further accelerating the digital transformation of Japan towards 2020
Changing the world with power of networks
Further accelerating the digital transformation of Japan towards 2020 READ FULL ARTICLE

Further accelerating the digital transformation of Japan towards 2020

Miyuki Suzuki
Cisco Systems G.K.
President and General Manager

October 18, 2017
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- Changing the world with power of networks -

Cisco has set out its “All connected. Anything possible.” vision towards 2020 in our Japan business strategy for FY 2018. This vision represents our commitment as a leading network company to connecting everything safely and securely with the power of networks and thereby contributing to the ongoing digital transformation of Japan.

Supporting the “All connected. All possible” vision are the three main pillars of the company’s FY 2018 business strategy.

The first pillar is to accelerate the process of digital transformation in Japan. While fully implementing digitization and the IoT, we will offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and services and contribute to fostering security human resources. We will also continue to take a lead in facilitating workstyle reform, an undertaking that many Japanese companies are currently tackling. Cisco itself will implement a more flexible workstyle through the use of cutting-edge collaboration technologies and we will actively showcase the things we learn and achieve in the process.

The second pillar is to build a next-generation platform. As the environment surrounding networks and systems is becoming more complicated in line with the increase in the number of connected devices and in the use of the cloud, there is a growing need for a secure and intelligent platform and network to support digital business in the new era. Cisco will give people the power to create secure networks that are intent-driven (allowing the creation of network policies instantly to allow things to be connected anywhere based on an administrator’s intent regardless of whether using an in-house network or the cloud), context-oriented (capable of analyzing and utilizing data in the network), and intuition-based (capable of continuously learning autonomously and of understanding what is happening based on the available data).

The third pillar is to deploy businesses that are more deeply rooted in the Japanese market. We will build closer relationships with our partners and customers, strengthening regional sales in East and West Japan, and aiming to further accelerate our SMB businesses such as Cisco Start and Cisco Meraki, which grew dramatically last year. As for our partnerships with companies in Japan, we will attempt to strengthen collaboration mainly with manufacturers and also with IoT companies, while at the same time working on smart city projects with local governments.

Lastly, I would like to talk about another new Cisco initiative. This is a group of mascot characters called Cisco Five that we are deploying exclusively in Japan. Created to help people feel closer to Cisco, these five characters represent the five business values that Cisco offers to our customers, namely enterprise network, data center, collaboration, security, and service. We hope that by working together these five characters will help realize Cisco Japan’s dream of transforming the future of Japan by connecting everything.

Cisco is a network official sponsor of the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which are just three years away. Towards 2020, we are busily making preparations for the games, and I also see great opportunities for us to significantly advance how people in Japan live, work, play and learn.

Cisco will continue to support the ongoing digital transformation of Japan.

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