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Effective Security Starts With People

Effective Security Starts With People
It’s never been more important to have the right people, process and technology. Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ shares why people matter.
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Effective Security Starts With People

Stephen Dane
Managing Director, Security, APJ

October 26, 2017
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There are around one million job vacancies within cybersecurity. And organizations today are facing serious challenges like the shortage of talent, a growing attack surface, the dynamic threat landscape, and complexity in the security industry. On top of this, digital disruption is occurring at massive scale, and a lack of cybersecurity can hinder innovation. In this digital era, it’s never been more important to have the right people, process and technology.

Solving the talent gap

The huge talent gap is a top concern for the IT industry given the rise in cyberattacks targeted at businesses. Qualified, trained cybersecurity professionals are in demand and the shortfall has been predicted to grow to 2 million by 2019.

To help close the security skills gap, Cisco is preparing IT and cybersecurity professionals for these expanding job roles. In fact, we have been doing this for 20 years through the Cisco Networking Academy. The academy is part of our commitment to build the pipeline of future cybersecurity professionals in the region, while helping to solve global cybersecurity challenges. For two decades, our Networking Academy has:

– Touched the lives of over 7.8 million students (21% of whom are females) across 180 countries.

– Partnered closely with 22,000 educational institutions and instructors to deliver a curriculum that gives students the digital, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills they need to get a job or start a business. Helping 1.6 million students obtain new jobs (of those completing advanced courses).

– Generated $2.6 billion of in-kind contributions towards global education (such as curricula, simulation tools and assessments, and instructor professional development).

– In Asia, Cisco is actively working with the Indian government to help teach 250,000 students about cybersecurity by 2020.

New skills for the future

Cisco is also overhauling our learning curriculum to set people up for the next 20 years of their careers.

Certifications have evolved to include the latest networking, cybersecurity, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) curriculum. Most of our courses are free of charge, and in particular our security courses include Introduction to Cybersecurity; Cybersecurity Essentials; and CCNA Security. Learning options are also being expanded with virtual labs, learning libraries and custom training to help individuals reach their desired outcomes securely.

Recently as an example of our commitment, we invested $10 million in a Global Cybersecurity Scholarship program and made enhancements to its security certification portfolio.

People matter

Building a culture of cybersecurity is critical for any organization, alongside having the right people and technology to quickly respond to threats.

Security is a top priority for Cisco, and we have invested billions of dollars through in-house innovation and a series of strategic acquisitions. Our security team globally is 5000 people strong, and our 250 threat researchers continue to help us see and stop more attacks for customers.

However as an industry, we need to constantly innovate to keep people and businesses safe from the growing number of cyberattacks, and we also need to play our part in preparing the next generation workforce for the cybersecurity needs of the future.

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