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2018 New Year’s Greeting

2018 New Year’s Greeting
Providing a Secure, Intelligent Platform and Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Japan
2018 New Year’s Greeting READ FULL ARTICLE

2018 New Year’s Greeting

January 01, 2018
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All Connected. Anything Possible.

Providing a Secure, Intelligent Platform and Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Japan

I would like to wish you all a happy New Year.
Last year, Cisco Japan celebrated its 25th anniversary. As we begin our second quarter century, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our customers and partners who have supported us for so long.

“All Connected. Anything Possible.” This is Cisco Japan’s vision heading towards 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT), which has recently become widespread, is evolving into an infrastructure that will support all kinds of industries as well as society as a whole. As digitalization accelerates and people, processes, data and all kinds of objects become more and more connected, in Japan we have the perfect opportunity for a transformation that will significantly enhance and enrich the ways people live, work, learn and entertain themselves. Networks are at the core of connecting everything, and this vision is imbued with Cisco’s desire as a leading network company to contribute to the digital transformation of Japan by providing a secure and intelligent platform that can make literally anything possible through the power of networks.

In December 2017, Cisco announced that it has concluded athlete ambassador agreements with Japanese table tennis aces Kasumi Ishikawa and Tomokazu Harimoto and that it will support their competitive activities using the latest ICT. With the new evolution of IoT, we would like to contribute to making sport a growth industry and to spearheading sporting innovation in Japan in preparation for 2020.

In the runup to 2020, Cisco will focus even more of its energies on the digital transformation of industries centered around smart factories and smart cities as a means of supporting the revitalization of cities and environmental measures utilizing IoT, on the transformation of work styles such as teleworking and remote working in various areas of collaboration, and on sports and entertainment with a view to providing new experiences in sporting activities and live concert performances.

We ask for your continuing support in the year to come.

Miyuki Suzuki
President and General Manager, Cisco Systems GK

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