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Passing the Baton to the New Leader – Road to 2020

Passing the Baton to the New Leader – Road to 2020
Miyuki Suzuki's Blog
Passing the Baton to the New Leader – Road to 2020 READ FULL ARTICLE
Passing the Baton to the New Leader – Road to 2020

Passing the Baton to the New Leader – Road to 2020

Miyuki Suzuki
SVP, Asia Pacific and Japan

July 27, 2018
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This week marks the start of the two year countdown to the Opening Ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They will be here before we know it! I am confident that I speak on behalf of everyone at Cisco Japan when I say that we cannot wait to welcome athletes, spectators, sponsors and media from all over the world to this wonderful global celebration.

As I prepare to transition to a new role within Cisco as head of Asia Pacific, Japan and China and wrap up my time as the President of Cisco Japan, I look back on all we have accomplished since being announced as the Official Networking Supplier of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games. I am truly proud that Cisco continues to play a key role in leading Japan into a more secure digital era by changing the way that residents, visitors and athletes live, work, play and learn.

One key example, our efforts to drive work style innovation received strong social recognition, and Cisco Japan was ranked the No. 1 Great Place to Work Institute Japan (GPTW) in the large enterprise category (1,000 employees or more). Most recently, we participated in the second annual Telework Day in Japan, an initiative sponsored by the Japanese government ministries and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote workstyle innovation and a flexible workplace environment. In solidarity with more than 2,000 organizations and an estimated 100,000 individuals across Japan, Cisco encouraged all employees to telework on July 24, as well as one additional day between July 23 and 27.  As a leader in collaboration technology, we are proud to support this initiative and promote innovative ways of working together.

Another component of our efforts ahead of 2020 is a continued commitment to changing the sports and entertainment industry in Japan. And there is no better representation of that commitment than our sponsorship of table tennis superstars Kasumi Ishikawa and Tomokazu Harimoto. Through our partnership with these athletes, we are bringing to life a more connected future for the sporting world by integrating our technology in their work with coaches, communication with fans and family,and the incorporation of data analytics in their training.

See here for further information on “Transformation of How Athletes Compete.”

As venues throughout Japan prepare to host competitions, many will rely on Cisco’s Connected Sports and Entertainment Solutions to provide a world-class digital experience for fans. The new National Stadium – which will host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies – promises to set a new standard for a connected, digitally-immersive in-venue experience.

We also announced a partnership to support Sony Entertainment for an upcoming tour of the popular Japanese pop group, Nogizaka46, that will allow us to leverage our industry expertise with Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company, to enable efficient event management and new services for fans using information and communication technology throughout the tour, specifically Cisco Meraki, Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Board and Cisco Wi-Fi.

And this is only the beginning of our impact. As I pass the torch to our new country leader in Japan, David West, I am confident in his leadership and vision, and thrilled about all that lies ahead, such as our Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, which will train 2,000 cybersecurity specialists ahead of 2020 to ensure that Japan is equipped and ready to meet any cybersecurity challenges. Cisco’s impact will ensure that the Games are not only the most connected and secure in history, but also that our legacy will be felt for years beyond the Closing Ceremonies.

I invite you to explore our brand-new digital platform to explore the various programs and initiatives underway that are positively impacting the way people in Tokyo and throughout Japan live, work, play and learn. Please check back from time to time for additional updates, information and ways to get involved.

“If we connect now, we can change the world”
See here for details.

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