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Full steam ahead in training of cybersecurity personnel for 2020

Full steam ahead in training of cybersecurity personnel for 2020
Dave West Blog
Full steam ahead in training of cybersecurity personnel for 2020 READ FULL ARTICLE

Full steam ahead in training of cybersecurity personnel for 2020

Dave West
Cisco Systems GK
President and General Manager

September 21, 2018
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In order to ensure sustained growth of an enterprise, it is essential to mount a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity including not only technical aspects such as the protection of customer data, but also people, processes and policies. In particular, with regard to people, the Japanese government has estimated that there will be a shortage of approximately 190,000 cybersecurity personnel in 2020 (2016, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Study of Recent Trends and Future Estimates Concerning IT Human Resources), which makes the focus on human resources a pressing issue.

Furthermore, the Cisco 2018 Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study conducted on over 2,000 IT personnel from enterprises in 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region focused on the following two points as important issues for Japanese enterprises concerning cybersecurity based on comparisons with other countries.

(1) Little priority is placed on the development of security personnel despite the continuing occurrence of security incidents.
(2) “Lack of skilled personnel (who understand technology)” is an obstacle to the introduction of advanced security technology.

In order to address these issues, Cisco started the Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship human resource development program in 2017 to promote the systematic learning of topics ranging from IT basics to information security. The program teaches Cisco’s network and security technology to students recruited from high schools, vocational colleges and universities nationwide.

The program is made up of three steps: introduction, basics and application. Approximately 1000 students have already taken the online introductory course, and 75 students have taken the basic course, which provides practical knowledge and skills through instructer-led training from universities and vocational colleges throughout Japan. Furthermore, the applied course enables students to learn practical security measures and analysis techniques through internships with Cisco and eco-partner companies.

In the future, we also aim to train a wider range of personnel with an eye to re-educate, including the elderly and disabled.

The program is expected to produce personnel with skills that will allow them to respond to cybersecurity issues in the future, and it is anticipated that they will fill the cybersecurity talent gap in enterprises and governmental organizations.

As we enter the era of IoT, cybersecurity measures are becoming increasingly important. Cisco will take the lead in collaboration between business, government and academia as we move full steam ahead in the training of cybersecurity personnel for 2020.

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