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Meet Our Next 8 Startups

Meet Our Next 8 Startups
After 3 successful startup cohorts, Cisco Launchpad is all set to commence its 4th startup cohort. Join me in welcoming Cisco LaunchPad Startup Cohort 4
Meet Our Next 8 Startups READ FULL ARTICLE
Meet Our Next 8 Startups

Meet Our Next 8 Startups

Krishna Sundaresan

VP Engineering, Cisco

October 04, 2018
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Cisco LaunchPad Cohort 4

After 3 successful startup cohorts, Cisco Launchpad is all set to commence its 4th startup cohort. We closely evaluated our Start-up & Developer Outreach strategies and incorporated few changes in our selection process for this cohort.

For the selection process, we were extremely focused on developer and IoT ecosystem play, seeking an alignment whereby startups can develop solutions on Cisco platforms for creating digital solutions. We also paid thorough attention to deep tech startups especially in the areas of IoT, Security, the blockchain, ML etc. To ensured that we evaluate the startups on multiple facets of performance, the selection jury had representation form Cisco R&D, Investments, sales, external business mentors and leaders from the startups acquired by Cisco.

Selecting 8 startups after several interviews and pitches by top 16 startups, was one tough decision for every single jury member. We were all extremely pleased with the quality of startups we interacted with during the selection pitches. Every single startup represented a great business potential. Finally, we picked 8 startups that represented the best fit for the Cisco LaunchPad objectives.

So, please join me in welcoming Cisco LaunchPad Startup Cohort 4:

Minion Labs- Real-time device level electricity consumption insights using a smart energy device delivered through its analytics platform to optimized electricity cost and improve productivity

QunuLabs - A Quantum Security Technology Company that offers solutions & products to provide hack-proof data security.

Schrocken- Helping OEMs protect contractual commitments such as warranties, operations & maintenance agreements, and equipment rental contracts for connected products using blockchain.

Squadcast - A SaaS solution for tech teams to minimize unplanned downtime & improve system reliability with better incident orchestration

Trillbit - A cross-platform solution that connects business and people by providing hyper-local intelligence and does moment marketing through a proprietary acoustic technology

Uncanny Vision- System Integration solutions in Smart Cities & Smart Infrastructure applications with real-time, edge-powered, AI-based Vision for Surveillance Cameras.

Velmenni- Chasing 10x the speed of current day data communication through illumination, called Li-Fi

ZestIoT- Helping airlines and airports by the faster turnaround of aircraft by improving on-time performance and utilization of ground equipment, real-time visibility of turnaround operations, and avoidance & recovery of delays.

Congratulations to all the startups. We look forward to working with you on co-creating solutions that will impact the digitization.

Please stay connected with us on this initiative. Do visit our website to find out more about Cisco LaunchPad, opportunities to refer potential start-ups or to apply to this program. 

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