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Software spending surge coupled with hardware investment, positions partners perfectly for growth

Software spending surge coupled with hardware investment, positions partners perfectly for growth
Vicki Batka, outlines the unique opportunity that The Network.Intuitive provides for partners. She also explains how partners and IT leaders can use The Network.Intuitive to elevate their value proposition to businesses.
Software spending surge coupled with hardware investment, positions partners perfectly for growth READ FULL ARTICLE

Software spending surge coupled with hardware investment, positions partners perfectly for growth

Vicki Batka
Vice President, Partner Organization, Asia Pacific & Japan

July 26, 2017
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A few weeks ago, Cisco launched The Network.Intuitive. A truly exciting launch about automation and analytics from our engineering teams that will lead the transition towards digital-ready networks. With companies in Asia Pacific and Japan spending a combined US$11 billion just to keep their networks running, The Network.Intuitive is significant for both our partners and customers in the region.

Software growth surges
One key component about The Network.Intuitive is the software element. Growth in software is surging, and what’s driving that growth is the increasing investment in software which enables enterprises to gain added visibility in order to optimize their IT operations. In fact, many technology consulting firms predict that by 2020, growth in software spending will outpace the growth of IT services and hardware respectively.

Our partners have seen this trend first-hand as organizations embark on their digitization journey and though the growth in software spending may be increasing, the bulk of IT spending across the region will be comprised of investments in hardware.

Take the following chart by one such technology consulting firm, IDC, even though they predict a smaller year-on-year growth in hardware spending, hardware is still expected to dominate budget allocation in enterprises. In Asia Pacific, this means that more than 60% of enterprise IT investments will be on hardware.
The New Era of Networking
Here’s where our partners can take advantage of the unique opportunity presented to them with The Network.Intuitive. 

With the unique combination of hardware - where our engineering teams reimagined the hardware of a traditional network - coupled with cutting-edge software, partners across Asia Pacific & Japan can take a wholly integrated networking platform, which is intuitive, automated as well as secure and present it to their customers.

These enterprises will then be able to experience the benefits of The Network.Intuitive. The first, is the substantial savings they will receive thanks to the policy-based automation of IT tasks across the entire network. When you throw in the ability to increase business agility and simplify tasks that used to take weeks to mere minutes, our partners and enterprise IT departments will start seeing their roles elevated as a result of the value they bring to their stakeholders. 

Finally, what good is a network if it isn’t secure? Over the past couple of years, the network has been placed under much pressure with a plethora of IoT, cloud, security, mobility, and big data applications built on top of it. The networks of the past simply weren’t built to cope with this securely.  With The Network.Intuitive, customers can expect the network to automatically connect and secure any IoT devices through device profiles, at massive scale and most importantly while effectively mitigating threats. 

And these are just the tangible benefits…

Unlocking the opportunity for the partner
By simplifying the offering - that incorporates software, hardware and security - our partners are placed in an enviable position; they can unlock further opportunities by including more services and software – which will drive longer customer relationships. As our customers grow, our partners in APJ can expect to extend their value with additional products & solutions, growing alongside them as they continue to leverage cutting edge solutions and ensuring business longevity. 

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