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#CiscoChat Podcast: 2018 - Time to Get Past the Old Way of Networking

#CiscoChat Podcast: 2018 - Time to Get Past the Old Way of Networking
Welcome to the first podcast in the series "Predictions 2018: Data, Disruption & Downtime", with Brink Sanders, MD of Software & Network Transformation at Cisco APJ. He is on the hot seat to explain why we can't live without networks (more than electricity!) and why the old way of networking is a roadblock to businesses and customer experience. Will 2018 mark a turning point for companies towards next generation networks? Don't miss these unfiltered 17 minutes of conversation to find out!
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#CiscoChat Podcast: 2018 - Time to Get Past the Old Way of Networking

January 10, 2018
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No Network, no nothing. The best way to understand the meaning of something, is to picture a life without it. Would our world be the same without the network? Would business?

While turning off the network isn’t something we would do, network outages do happen, having a massive impact on business and our lives as consumers, even if we don’t realize it. Gartner estimates that, on average, every minute of downtime will cost a business $5,600, which adds up to over $300k per hour and over 7 million a day!

An even more common problem is slow networks. As the number of users and devices coming online increases by the second (more in Asia than in any other part of the world!), more companies will continue to experience irresponsive networks, which is a barrier to the speed at which they need to deliver new innovation to stay competitive in this digital world.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this and companies can address these and other challenges by shifting to digital networks. At a minimum, these allow for automated and simpler IT operations. But at its full potential, digital networks help companies change business models, innovate more and be more profitable.

Want to know more? Listen to this #CiscoChat Podcast with Brink Sanders, MD of Software and Network Transformation for Cisco in APJ, where he talks about the power of networking, explores the reasons and consequences of slow or broken networks and what's the way forward for businesses to thrive in 2018 and beyond.

This is the first podcast in the series "2018 Predictions: Data, Disruption & Downtime". Stay tuned for the next one on the future of work with Annella Heytens, VP of Human Resources at Cisco APJ.

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Manjit Singh 11 mo

Just as electricity is never an area people focus on until there is an outage (and we are left stumbling in the dark!), the network is the heartbeat of the internet and everything offered by it. A concise, candid and easy to understand overview of why the network is so critical, where it is heading and why / why not Cisco. Trust me, you'll appreciate the network more after this!

Manjit Singh 11 mo

Fabulous job on the Podcast debut Brink! I especially loved how you simplified all the buzzwords of 'AI', 'machine learning' and 'data analytics' to 'pattern recognition' at the 9:30 mark. The way you handled the curve ball on "why customers shouldn't come to us" was also a moment of sheer class. Overall, I loved it! Keep it coming.