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Are you doing enough to secure your data?

Are you doing enough to secure your data?
Data privacy is in the spotlight and GDPR is making headlines. Read new blog by Stephen Dane, Managing Director for Security in APJ.
Are you doing enough to secure your data? READ FULL ARTICLE

Are you doing enough to secure your data?

Stephen Dane
Managing Director, Security, APJ

April 19, 2018
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In today’s digital era, data is often categorized as the “new currency” that offers differentiated value and a new source of revenue. Yet many consumers and companies are still somewhat complacent when it comes to protecting the new status of data and data privacy.

For consumers, data privacy is currently in the spotlight with certain social media giants under interrogation for how much data they collect and the lack of control users have over it. Concerns also exist over the visibility that third parties and advertisers have, especially when recently, 87 million users had their data exposed.  

For companies, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is making headlines and setting significant new rules around protecting customer data and privacy. Additionally, this new regulation is highly relevant to Asia Pacific, as companies with a business presence in Europe or that sells to EU residents and collects data from such EU residents will be affected.

For security and IT teams, they face the continued challenge of keeping exploding amounts of data safe. On top of keeping their organization secure from cyber attack. Cisco's best-of-breed security offerings and our architectural approach help to secure organizations more effectively from the network to the endpoint to the cloud. Recently we announced a new approach to secure the modern data center:

Data is currency – secure the data center

We know that the modern data center is incredibly complex. We also know that 76% of the security team’s time is spent on securing the data center (as this is where the money is at for attackers).

Cisco now has a comprehensive, architectural security solution to secure the modern data center – offering our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Tetration, Stealthwatch and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) technologies as an integrated solution.

We’re also the only vendor that can truly protect the workload everywhere, with our unique capabilities including:

Visibility: See everything with complete visibility of users, devices, networks, applications, workloads and processes

Segmentation: Reduce the attack surface by preventing attackers from moving laterally east-west with application whitelisting and micro-segmentation

Threat protection: Stop the breach by quickly detecting, blocking and responding to attacks before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations.

For more details on Cisco’s data center security solution, see Redefining Security for the Modern Data Center in a Multicloud World, and the press release.

For more on Cisco’s view on GDPR, data protection and privacy, visit our Trust Center.

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